How To Become a Hacker {VIDEO}

One of the most common questions that I get is “how do I become a hacker?”, the answer to this really depends on why you want to become a hacker? what are you trying to achieve?

In this video I tried to cover the most common paths that you can take to become a hacker, let me know in the comments if I missed anything

1. Free online sources to learn hacking:

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2. Paid online courses:
– The complete ethical hacking course bundle

– Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

– The Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course

– Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch

– Learn Website Hacking From Scratch

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– Learn Social Engineering From Scratch

– Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

3. Bug Bounty websites:

4. Freelancing websites:

5. Contribute:

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Linkedin –



  1. If you read my comment so I want to take help from you for someone hacked my computer if you are real hacker so please help me your early response will give me more help

  2. This is the best explanation ever ! Zaid is one the best intructors in the world. If anyone is reading my comment , i strongly recommend you guys to enroll in ZSecurity Courses . They are simply amazing .

  3. Started using your Udemy course after recommendations on youtube, currently studying CS in college and want to supplement my learning. I laughed when I saw eir wireless networks on your airodump screens and thought maybe other places have a similar company but nope you then mention you live in Ireland 😀 small world! I miss the days when you could just go to a website put in the eir ssid and the site would give you back the default wep key 🙂

  4. Sir, I wanted to ask a question that
    Q)How we can hack a personal computer which was on another network?

    In the general ethical hacking course I watch all the videos and learn more advance activity. But I can't reached that point.

    So I requested you sir to pleased solved this problem.

  5. 1. Learn to program
    2. Apply creative thinking
    1. Watch Über l33t vids
    2. Install ~ K A L I L I N U X ~
    3. Get u sum WAREZ
    4. Tap into THE MATRIX
    5. SUDO ./
    6. Inject that SQL
    7. Download the BLT Drive
    8. pwn THA GIBSON

    Step 1: run cmd

    Step 2: show someone your command prompt window, tell them you are hacker
    Step 3: turn the cmd words to green

    Step 4: they believe you are hacker

    Step 5: you are hacker

  7. This is an extensive list of everything ive been searching for all put together, thank you very much! Your Udemy class learning from scratch is qell put together. Youre the man!

  8. Hello sir
    I have purchased your course on udemy named as 'learn ethical hacking from scratch' a few days ago when course on discount is available.
    When I purchased the payment successful and my account balance also deducts.
    But still I Have no access to the course and no message, notification of purchase I get from udemy.
    Please ? sir you tell me what I do now.
    Even I make complaint to udemy but nothing happens.
    Please help sir.

  9. i am in middle of testing packet sniffer and i encountered a error. my python browser only opens in https instead of http. anyone know how to change it to http. please help!!

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