Linux for Ethical Hackers (Kali Linux Tutorial) {VIDEO}

In this course, you will learn the basics of Kali Linux. The course covers installation, using the terminal / command line, bash scripting, tools and features for ethical hacking, and more. The course focuses on Kali Linux but much of the content applies to other versions of Linux as well.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ Installing VMWare / Kali Linux
⌨️ Kali Linux Overview
⌨️ Navigating the File System
⌨️ Users and Privileges
⌨️ Common Network Commands
⌨️ Viewing, Creating, and Editing Files
⌨️ Starting and Stopping Services
⌨️ Installing and Updating Tools
⌨️ Scripting with Bash

? Course created by The Cyber Mentor. Check out his YouTube channel:
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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy this course and not only learn some beginner Linux, but how certain commands/files/settings apply to ethical hacking, what hacker distributions are relevant, and what learning paths/certifications you can take to become an ethical hacker (starts at 1:51:04) . If you enjoyed the course, my teaching style, or just want to check out some ethical hacking videos, please check out my channel. Thank you!! <33

  2. hi everybody – kali 2020.1 is a non-root user model. username/password should be default set to "kali" (no quotes). This does not include the ARM images.

  3. Great video, but a couple caveats: 1) even on a 40" screen the text in these videos is VERY hard to read, you might want to increase the text size in the terminal in the future. Also the "for x in 'seq'" is now outdated and does not work correctly in lubuntu 18.04. It took me a bit to get the script working. Seems newer versions of bash use a different 'for' syntax. I look forward to watching more of your videos!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. If you are using the new KALI VMware image dated 2020.1 or newer, the default user and password are "kali" (without the quotes). In order to run commands as root while in a Terminal session you need to first run the command "sudo su -" (without the quotes), and then type the password for your kali username when prompted. This will allow you to run all commands with root privileges.

  5. Former Recon Marine, used to being behind enemy lines, listening, observing, knowing enemy logistics, and relaying the information back to our Command before penetrating enemy line. If we need to attack, we have all the info we need before taking the first shot. I believe the military has molded me into a having a good hacking mentality . I believe this career will fit in good with my personality that was molded in those years .Besides our Intel officers, I believe Recon are the hackers of the military in a weird way…thank you sir for taking the time to teach this.

  6. This video tutorial is good and for me as a total "noob". Although the commands are as the same as I learned from school, its easy to follow and it Motivates me to learn deep into it. I guess it gives me interest to learn ethical hacking than learning more of programming. Thanks for this!

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