How to Fix Xbox 360 E71 Errors in 5 Easy Steps – Secret Revealed

Do you know that you can fix Xbox 360 E71 errors yourself in just 5 simple steps?

Unlike the famous red ring of death and e74 issues with your game console, this type of problem should be handled differently because it is not caused by damaged processor or loosed parts as a result of overheating.

Possible reasons why this issue occurs:

  1. Dashboard problems
  2. Console updates
  3. Firmware hacks
  4. Incorrect flashing of hardware

5-Step process to fix Xbox 360 E71 errors:

  1. Reset your game console. In order to do this, press the ‘initial set-up’ button on your dashboard. If you are unable to access the dashboard on your screen due to this error, then simply press the ‘Y’ button, for a few seconds, on your game controller when switching on the unit.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen
  3. Restore your unit to default factory settings
  4. Turn off the console; leave it turned off for at least 5 seconds
  5. Switch on your unit again and check if the problem is resolved.
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If the above procedure did not solve the issues then the next thing to do is to proceed to plan B.

Plan B to fix Xbox 360 E71 errors:

1. Return your game console back to its manufacturer. Check if it is still under warranty.

Projected cost – $150 to $200 + freight and handling charges. No service charge if under warranty; just the freight and handling cost.

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Time frame – 4 to 6 weeks

2. Fix it yourself. Get a book and video tutorial that teaches you the step-by-step process of repair. The procedures are very simple; no advanced skills required.

Projected cost – $ 20 to $45

Time frame – 1 day

Read Carefully! Take note that this problem may occur again in the future; should this happen, you will incur the same projected cost again. However, if you opted to fix it yourself, you will no longer spend the same amount because you have already acquired the knowledge on how to fix Xbox 360 E71 errors.


by Jong Va