I Tried Dr. Joe Dispenza's Meditations For 40 Days | Video

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I tried a ton of different guided meditations in this video! All of which you can find on Dr. Joe’s website here: https://drjoedispenza.com/collections/meditations-english

In this video, I tried Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations every day for 40 days as a follow-up to my previous video where I attended his weekend workshop “Becoming Supernatural” at the Gaia headquarters in Boulder, CO. Here is a link to that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eytzUWy4r58&t=1s

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, bestselling author, chiropractor, and neuroscience researcher who has dedicated his life to studying the mind-body connection after he used meditation and the power of his mind to miraculously heal his own broken spine.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is at the forefront of exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, which is why I am fascinated by his work.

While Dr. Joe Disepenza’s work is still not entirely accepted by the mainstream scientific community, he is starting to scratch the surface of understanding what may be possible beyond the current limiting beliefs of our own abilities.

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Although we do not have any peer-reviewed published scientific literature about Dr. Joe and his work, Dr. Joe and his team have measured thousands of brain scans and are witnessing some pretty remarkable outcomes in individuals having powerful healing experiences, spontaneous remissions, and mystical experiences. In this video, you will hear directly from some of Dr. Joe’s students who have some pretty wild stories about their own healing.

This video documents my experience trying Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations every day for 40 days and I could not believe the results.

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Here is a list of Dr. Joe’s books:
You Are The Placebo
Evolve Your Brain
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Becoming Supernatural

Check out Dr. Joe’s books here: https://drjoedispenza.com/collections/books

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  1. ATTENTION! Everyone keeps asking this and seems to be confused by it. For anyone wondering which meditations I did, I tried a whole bunch of them! (He has so many) What is going to be best for you depends on your GOALS. You gotta do your own research! Read the books, learn more, but you can also get started right away. Again, which ones you might want will depend on your goals. My favorites are morning, abundance, new potentials, and changing boxes. You can find all of his meditations on his website: https://drjoedispenza.com/collections/meditations-english I DO NOT have any affiliation with Dr. Joe or his business, but I am a Gaia ambassador (as many of you already know) and personally, I learned a ton about Dr. Joe through Gaia, which is why I wanted to share them in this video! Because it was truly through the event at Gaia that motivated me to try this challenge. Attending his event at the GaiaSphere and watching REWIRED helped me learn a ton and launched me into this journey so it's a great place to start learning! You can stream the event I went to, which includes guided meditations and you can watch REWIRED to learn about how this stuff works: https://bit.ly/Meditatewith_DrJoeDispenza BUT if you are looking for all his meditations, you have to get them through his website! Again, I do not have an affiliation with Dr. Joe's business and this video was my HONEST experience. I am still doing the meditations now and quite frankly, I am addicted LOL

  2. ??????? What I LOVE about Dr' Joe Dispenza is that he doesn't give a RATS A** if anyone Believes him. He has the Information he is sharing it and whether you believe or now it's up to you. For me it isn't whether I believe or not I having a KNOWING that is bigger than me and it allows me to open up my mind and I feel that he is sharing the TRUTH. I have known of Dr. Joe Dispenza for years although I wasn't ready to acknowledge or listen because I wasn't ready and as the saying goes when you are ready to Listen the TEACHER will appear. I wish I was ready years ago but I guess I am a slow learning and was too stubborn to listen before LOL Although now my EARS, MIND and HEART are so ready to take it all in. I still stubble and fall but who cares I had stumbled before and always got up and the only difference now is that when I get up I'm learning so much more through Dr. Joe I absolutely Adore him!! ???????

  3. Is there a significance to doing the meditations early in the morning? Can we do them at night instead?
    I know the whole stuff about brain chemicals on higher levels at 4 to 6am but what about before bed?

  4. Awesome to see the positive impact that the meditations has for you. Dr Joe offers many different guided meditations. Which specific meditation(s) did you use?

  5. What is the right thing to do in order to overcome anxiety. Dr. Joe Dispenza tells that during survival it is not the time to meditate. So how can you change then the brain patterns?
    Thank you so much for an advice ??????

  6. Amazing ! I have done some but still not consistent with them…may I know if you do them Morning and Evening consistently? During this 40 days? Thank you so much for sharing your experience, love Joe’s work ?

  7. His meditations are great I have done them myself as well. The only constructive criticism point I can give to anyone thinking of starting them is to know that they can easily turn into spiritual bypassing.
    If you are serious about meditation and not just hopping on the new age wave of it than you must know it is not all just “Love & Light”. Mostly all his followers are unaware of the hidden forces. His meditations do change your life but they can also give you an unrealistic perception on life in general if you fall into the whole Love and Light dogma.

  8. OMG ! My first tries with Dr Joe's meditations were a complete fail. I just fell asleep every single time. Eventually I realized that I've been switching to Theta brainwaves and that's what we humans are conditioned to do: Theta = sleep. I kept going struggling to stay awake and eventually I succeded. From that day things just took off and after 40 days I achieved a transcendental state for the first time, when my mind just went blank and I was simply aware that I was, and in that state I was everything, everywhere, I had no form, no limits, no needs and no axiety. I managed to achieve it countless times ever since. The real meditation begins when the mind surrenders. To help the process, I just let myself fall and dissolve into space. You truly need to want your worldly identity to wanish for the divine to step in.

  9. I relate to all the 3 confessionals as I have vertigo, insomnia and anxiety… a horrible combination. I wonder what meditations they used.. espescially for insomnia, I sleep only 2-3 hours a night. Can someone recommend a specific meditation as there are so many on his website? Thanks ⭐

  10. I also had a problem staying in the moment & mindfulness, Eck said to feel the aliveness in your hands then feet. At 1st he said it will be very slight & the more you concentrate to feel your energy, presence the stronger the feeling, well blow me down. It works a treat & l can feel that presence whereever l put my conscious, mind. Anytime of the day you can do it, need a mental lift, destress, this works try it ❤️??

  11. Since I've been doing dr Joe's meditations my creativity and sense of humor has gone through the roof , and I dont compare myself to other people like I used to , we are all unique

  12. I healed my own fractured Dens that went undiagnosed, they never read my brain MRI. I started eating PINEAPPLE 5 day after my accident went on eating about 3 a week. The Drs. put me in PT PT twisting my neck every which way. My personality had gone from love to fear after 6 mths I got my love back not completely but I was on my way. They finally read my Brain MRI and said I should have been dead or paralyzed and I said,
    " dead, i always want to have an ArT Show and I don't have any ArT. So I started Painting❤ I'm a Miracle ❤

  13. Hi I’m in the middle of Dr Joe online program. Can someone tell me which of the meditation are you guys doing daily? I noticed there are couple of them in the program

  14. Science & Spiritual Academia ♥️+?

    Dr. Joe Dispenza – Epigenetics & Neuroplasticity ??????
    Dr. Bruce Lipton – Biologist ?
    Abraham Hicks – Universal Laws?
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    Marianne Williamson
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    Wayne Dyer
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    Nikola Tesla – Energy Frequency & Vibration ??

    Nassim Haramein
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    William Walker Atkinson
    Paramahansa Yogananda
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    Jennifer O'Neil
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    Napoleon Hill
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    Nisargadatta Maharaj

    and many more to go.

    Knowledges of enlightenment – Knowledges of empowerment
    Never Taught In School.

    Learning your way through their books, YouTube, podcasts, Pinterest, or any online platforms your best prefer.

    Great as Starter Kits ?

  15. Dear Sky, it is such a beauty and gratefulness to see you explore every area you share with all of us. I would like to share with you something beautiful that you could also explore and share with us. Dr. Dain Heer and his access consciousness as also his ESB tehnique (The Energetic Synthesis of Being). Link to one of his lecture

    and also to the ESB tehnique

    . It’s something so amazing and so easy and it goes deep into the programs that we catched from someone else and of how we operate through everyday life, that’s what Dr. Dispenza also in some point teaches us. Have a wonderful amazing day.

  16. So I'm lost… The meditations on his web site… They are 25-30$.. Each and you did 40 of them. I'm not trying to sound like a cheap guy.. But that's a ton of money$$$$$$…. I'm missing something?…..

  17. Falling asleep to a meditation isn't bad. Your brain is actually switching from higher frequencies to slower and more suggestable place.

  18. Hi Sky,

    In the first part if the video you mention about finding it difficult to find the time/falling asleep during the meditations/ keeping the habit up.

    Have you researched Chronotypes? By scheduling your day according to your Chronotype you can maximise your productivity and output and schedule rest accordingly. Dr. Michael Breus has a quiz you can take to determine your Chronotype: https://thepowerofwhenquiz.com/ and then match the result to schedules you can find through online searches.

    Also, James Clear’s Atomic Habits book is a game changer: https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits/chapter-1

    These resources have been life changing for me and the people around me can’t believe what I am achieving!

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