KDCOM DLL Error Fix Windows Tutorial

The KDCOM.dll file is a crucial part of the Windows operating system as it allows the computer to support a number of different files and applications within your current operating system. Although the file is an essential part of the system it’s not without its downfalls. We have established that the KDCOM.dll file is an integral part of any computer however it has been known to be the main cause of certain problems if it becomes damaged or faulty. It is also believed to have been the cause of many blue screen errors and crashes, which can be fatal if not dealt with immediately because when a blue screen error occurs it’s because certain components of a program are failing to respond to specific inputs and processes sent by the computer that are needed in order for the program to function properly. The following tutorial will discuss and show you how you can fix the KDCOM.dll error.

The reason for the KDCOM.dll error is simply because the system is unable to read, locate or recognize the file, which is needed to keep the operating system functioning. When the KDCOM error is in affect you will notice an error message that will appear on your desktop as follows:

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“File i386KDCOM.DLL could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit”


“BLUE SCREEN ERROR – KDCom.dll Not Found”

In order to fix this error you need to follow some basic steps that will identify the root causes of the error and will include some troubleshooting measures such as program re-installation and installing necessary updates.

Firstly it is recommended that you re-install any program that are related to this issues. When trying to find out which programs are causing the error, it should be clear because when you attempt to load up a particular program and one of the two errors that are shown above present themselves then you know what program is specifically causing the error to occur. To re-install a program follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Start and select Control Panel
  2. Then select Add/Remove programs (Programs and Features for Vista and 7 users)
  3. Then find the program that is causing the error and clicking the uninstall or remove button.
  4. Once the program has successfully been uninstalled restart your computer.
  5. Then re-install the program that caused the error in the first place.

Next you should actually replace the KDCOM.dll file so that you are ensuring the previous file isn’t damaged or corrupt. To do this follow the instructions:

  • Download KDCom.dll file from the server
  • Unzip the KDCom.dll file onto your computer’s hard drive
  • Browse to c:WindowsSystem32
  • Locate the current KDCom.dll on your system
  • Rename the current KDCom.dll to KDComBACKUP.dll
  • Copy & paste the new KDCom.dll into C:WindowsSystem32
  • Click Start > Run (Or if using Vista or Win7, search “run”)
  • Type “cmd” in the box that appears
  • Type “regsvr32 odbc32.dll” on the black screen
  • Press Enter

Finally it is highly recommended that you scan the computer’s registry database in order to find any abnormalities lying within the delicate structure. The registry as mentioned before is a database which stores information in hierarchical order so this allows the computer to search the database and locate any file which is needed as quick as possible. However it is possible that many files and settings located within the registry can be damaged and the registry’s structure can be altered causing errors and the computer’s speed to slow down.

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by Joe Hilton