KISS Halloween Costumes – Get Ready To Be A Rock Star Demon This Halloween

KISS is a popular American band present since 1970s. Though not everyone is fond of listening to rock music, many people are immersed by the costumes the rock band members used. This Halloween, KISS costumes will be a huge hit. If you plan to go to the party along with your family or friends, then KISS Halloween costumes are definitely the way to go. Scary outfits are still going to show up this season but why not try something different? Yes, something that can grab the audience’s interest. Well, it isn’t impossible because the KISS costumes are now available on local shops and online stores. Let the party start and end with rock ‘n roll music. Slam, head bang and enjoy yourself this Halloween celebration with these superb outfits.

Dress yourself with the most exceptional costume

You might have the idea that getting costume this Halloween is just a waste of money and effort. Would you think so? There are craps and recycled objects that you can gather to create your own costume. But then, try to imagine how the crowd would react upon seeing you at the party. Not to disappoint you but most recycled outfits appear pretty ugly. Why not try something cool? What about a rock star demon look? KISS costume is a bit rugged in comparison with other costumes. You’ll also enjoy the cool black in white color upon wearing it.

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There are four characters that you could opt to impersonate this Halloween season like Gene Simmons “The Demon” Ace “The Space Man” Frehly, Peter “The Catman”Criss and Paul “The Star Child” Stanley. But among the characters, Gene “The Demon” Simmons is the most controversial band member not only because of his killer rock voice but additionally because of his long devil tongue that definitely amazed the fans. You too can dress like your idol. Anyone can even older people. Gene Simmons costume is available in a black plus size with matching high-heeled boots and metal spikes. However The Demon will not be the Demon without the white face paint and tribal tint on the eyes. You may also consider the wig, the trimmings and the makeup to make the look more realistic.

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KISS outfits are suited to both teens and adults. Yet there are also sizes that are available for toddlers. You may think these costumes may harm to children but actually no. These are generally comfortable and safe to wear. And unlike costumes for adults, KISS costumes for toddlers do not contain dangling objects.

KISS Halloween costumes are surely popular options for this year’s bash. Now if you are planning to get one, you should hurry up and don’t wait till the costumes get out of stock. Halloween is not just a simple celebration. In fact it’s the most exciting holiday. Go shopping now and become the rock star demon.


by Russ D. Edwards