Learning Distinct Spiritual Modalities

Learning distinct spiritual modalities is extremely exciting for the true spiritualist.

I am currently learning and experiencing shamanism and I couldn’t be more thrilled to add this to my spiritual tool kit! In the first day of my official training I couldn’t have been more shocked to realize that some of this was already within me, which was the same when I discovered the Akashic Records. This offers me validation that not only am I on the right path, but I am truly on my path.

Often in spirituality it is said that you are not learning, but remembering. The urge to heal has been within me for a long time and I believe that it just took awhile for it to click what type of healing resonated the most.

Spiritually healing is definitely of more interest to me than the traditional western medicine, and learning different types of spiritual practices has shown me this. As you move forward with your immersion in spirituality it will be important to combine the accumulated knowledge to create the type of practice that feels good for you.

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One thing to remember when learning distinct spiritual modalities is to be sure that you are honoring each one separately. If you are planning to heal or acquire knowledge for someone using a specific spiritual modality, then it’s important to utilize that systematic spiritual modality only. Honor and respect are very big principles no matter which type of spirituality you are using. When you intermingle modalities, it compromises the integrity of the individual practice and the practitioner, and the client on the receiving end.

There are a wealth of benefits in learning distinct spiritual modalities. The first thing that comes up is that you will naturally enhance your intuition. If you are a set on a specific spirituality modality anything you add will strengthen that base. Additionally, it makes other spiritual techniques available to you when you are not able to access others. For example, if you are not able to complete a shamanic journey for healing, you may be able to offer another healing modality instead.

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Each aspect of learning a new spiritual technique allows you a peek into who you once were, and also the possibilities available in this lifetime. It can be a daunting process trying to learn (remember) what aspect of spirituality is the right choice. However, the greatest lesson that spirituality is teaching me is patience. It is important to remain focused on the quality of your efforts and less on the daily progress. Before you know it, time will reveal much more than a regular progress report. Spirituality is not a race; it is a lifetime effort in the development of your soul.

As you are drawn to different spiritual modalities it is important not to force anything upon yourself. In time you will be able to discern with distinct spiritual modality is the right one for you. In the meantime try learning a new distinct spiritual modality, if nothing else you won’t be short on topics of conversation!


Source by Tonesha King