Meditation For Inner Peace – Yoga With Adriene {VIDEO}

Dive into meditation this Spring, go inward to focus on what feels good in mind and body. Want to have a good body? Tend to the mind. This 10 min practice is a simple meditation that will create the foundation for transformational practice. Compliment your yoga asana practice with this 10 Min Meditation For Inner Peace.

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Let me know how it goes down below and share with your people!

Breathe. Namaste.

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos. I'm thankful for every word you say and for every move you make for us. You do such amazing job for people that are in difficult situations ❤️
    Write now I'm struggling with feer and anxiety about corona virus, but after this meditation I'm much better. Thank you ❤️

  2. I didn't sleep well last night because I was nervous for today's maths video lesson and I felt physically weak all day, hopefully this practice will help me sleep calmly tonight.

  3. What do you mean by connecting the moment the inhalation and exhalation join together? Do you mean I should have as little a pause between them as possible?

  4. They have declared state of emergency a few hours ago here in Spain due to coronavirus. The news are so sad and they are asking us not to leave our homes. I do yoga everyday, but the single thought of not being able to go for a run and enjoy the sun outside is awful. Stay safe all of you out there in the risky areas and do a lot of yoga. The mind is the strongest muscle after all! ??

  5. This is my favorite meditation. I do it every morning. Well worth a listen. Thank you Adriene for being a calming voice in this busy world. Love and light ❤?

  6. Wow this was amazing, exactly what I needed this morning – I’ll definitely be coming back whenever I feel stressed! ?

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