Meditation Tips For Amateur Meditators

Meditation is one of the best ways to get relief from stress. Many people waste their time and money on buying medicine which although it does work it often comes with a variety of side effects.

These days we are all very busy and life has become very demanding and challenging. People barely find time to do anything else apart from work. But if you are looking forward to getting relief from stress, then meditation is the key.

The best time for you to meditate is in the morning when everyone else is sleeping.That way you won’t get disturbed.

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Find a suitable place where you can meditate peacefully.

First relax your body. That means each part of your body starting from the feet to the head.

After that visualization, start some breathing exercises.

Breathe in and out slowly as if you were taking in air to your stomach not your lungs.

Then for the next step, start counting and listen to each breath you take in and out.

The main concept of meditation is that one has to empty his or her mind.

Remember one thing: this may be hard at first but it is best achieved when your eyes are closed.

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Don’t peak around. Meditation with open eyes can be less effective.

Also, finding a suitable place is one thing but sitting in the right place is totally another. When finding a suitable peaceful place always sit where you are comfortable. Try out different postures to see which suits you best. 

In the end, I would like to say that the more you practice the more you can achieve inner harmony and it will become easier for you to concentrate.

Meditation is a mind game, so you have to practice it.


Source by Trevor Johnson