Millions of Americans Are Dying of Scurvy-Like Diseases

"Millions of Americans Are Dying of Scurvy-like Diseases" – but Medical Doctors are not trained to recognize it or treat it. This is a hush-hush subject because most doctors will not even talk about it. If you think I'm exaggerating, just try to discuss the content of this article with your doctor. At the very mention of the subject, my heart specialist's blood pressure steamed to red hot in his face and he nearly threw me out of his examining room. Well I simply ask you to read this article and evaluate for yourself.

Let me remind you of the disease, Scurvy. It was a disease that usually hit seamen who traveled for months at sea. These were men who started their voyage as hardy and healthy as any group could be. But after months at sea their bodies were breaking down and they were dying. What was the problem? It was simple: their diet was lacking a certain nutrient. The solution was a simple fruit containing vitamin C. Now, I don't know who discovered this solution, but my guess is that Limes were distributed by some fearless group of Multilevel Marketers.

Let's relate that bit of disease history to today's disease environment in America. We are fighting Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus etc., etc., etc. Americans are suffering and dying from these diseases, but they are all diseases that often respond to various food supplements. Most doctors begin their treatments, however, with radical drugs and procedures that have at best questionable benefits in comparison with their side effects – permanent dreadful side effects. And many times such drugs or procedures are no more effective than some of the poorer quality food supplements, which usually have no side effects.

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There are, however, a growing number of doctors who for the most part speak very softly to their peers, and who are using as a first line of medical care, the best food supplements they can find. Those brave doctors are getting excellent results for many of their patients without degrading the patient's quality of life. And still leaving open the opportunity of the more aggressive treatments for those who need them.

Of course some supplements are achieving better results than others. The better supplements have years of traditional testing to demonstrate that they have few or no side effects. They also have years of scientific data by reputable men of science to say that there is good reason to expect desired results. (ex. – Search for the word Mangosteen on .) Finally listen to some of those neglected testimonies to see if they match the laboratory expectations.

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Let me repeat for emphasis – many diseased and dying Americans, some even who have had their treatments terminated by their physicians because the aggressive treatment was failing, are recovering after being given certain food supplements.

Medical professionals – open your eyes: see some of these results and call current-day killer and painful diseases by what they are – nutrient deficient diseases just like scurvy. Sure we need the aggressive medicines and procedures, but not as the normal first line treatment. Give selected nutrients a chance before using something with undesirable and permanent side effects. Most people with these diseases trust their doctors to be giving them the best treatment available.

I don't suggest abandoning science, but look for supplements with reasonable data from solid research organizations. Be skeptical – sure! – but don't be so blind, try it, and don't just turn your noses to the wind, waiting for the FDA to approve something that is not on their platter.

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by Chuck Hubbard