My PS3 Beeped 3 Times and Died – What Should I Do to Fix PS3 Beeping?

One of the most confusing and perhaps distressing of errors that the PlayStation 3 may display is beeping 3 times and then shutting down. In most cases the unit will not power back on properly and this leaves many wondering how to fix PS3 beeps. In order to fix PS3 beeps you need to figure out what’s going wrong in the system to cause this.

Since the PlayStation 3 relies on error codes through the led and beep codes through the onboard speaker a non booting system can be hard to troubleshoot. You can’t fix PS3 beeps by verifying the operating system or restoring it if you can’t get it to stay in operation long enough to get there. In most cases the only way to fix PS3 beeps of this nature is to do some serious work.

How to fix

First you should check the consoles connections to the power outlet and TV. It’s advisable to always plug your gaming console into a surge protector to keep it safe. A power surge can damage the PlayStation 3 and be the source of this problem in some cases. After you’ve verified the connections switch off the unit manually via the onboard switch in the back, disconnect all cables, and then remove the hard drive.

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After waiting ten minutes reattach the cables, hit the switch, and see if this solves your problem. If it does not then you have to take drastic measures to fix PS3 beeps. The reason that you would perform the above procedure is to essentially give the console a hard reset similar to a PC. If this does not fix PS3 beeps then your problem is most likely hardware related.

If you have a warranty right now would be the best time to use it, if you do not then you have nothing to lose. In order to determine which piece of hardware is causing the problem you have to either remove and or replace certain components. It can be destructive to fix PS3 beeps this way but it is a last resort. If the system attempts to boot then your power supply is fine, if it doesn’t even get that far then you may want to replace your power supply to fix PS3 beeps.

Make sure to find the right model for your particular PS3. If your power is fine however then you need to disassemble the case and remove the Blu Ray drive, then carefully power the unit back on and see if this fixes the problem. If this doesn’t work then most likely you’re having a heat issue. Removing the heat sink and reapplying thermal grease to both the chips and the heat sink may fix the problem.

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This involves disassembling the console completely. Once the console is reassembled properly try again. If the problem is not resolved you have a faulty temp sensor. This can be replaced if you have the time, skills, and patience. However it might be easier to just buy a new console.

In order to fix PS3 beeping you need to approach your PS3 with caution. Mindlessly tinkering about can be dangerous to both you and the console. If you fix PS3 beeps via any of these methods then take pride in what you have done. If not then don’t feel bad – after all, technology isn’t perfect.


by Gabriel Fox