New Aryan Bird of Prey (Fictional Poetry)

New Aryan Bird of Prey (Fiction Poetry)

Extraterrestrial humans have traveled through a warp,

Galactic gate to this world wanting to engage with us.

They sought treaties with our United Diplomatic Corp.

‘Mayan descendants coming from Nibiru,’ wrote the press.

‘On 5000 BC, that earth map had big continents.

During the time Of Moses, strange Mycenaeans appeared

Having an alphabet for hieroglyphic documents,

While an alien space from Atlantis, for sure, disappeared.’

‘Thutmose had a place of the ear for Amun unique god.

For 2000 years, human societies have been like tides

In revolutions of states continuing to maraud.’

‘Our telepathic thoughts keep all your historic asides.’

‘That Atlantic civilization described by Plato

Disappeared in water together with its continent.

The Aegean islands formed by Santorin volcano

Have been subject to that historical change consequent.’

‘Some underground bases with space gates to other planets

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In Egypt, Siberia, Germany, China and States

Can be built by us.’ ‘This is not foretold by our prophets.’

‘The strands of DNA are the same, thus we can be mates.’

‘Anunnaki are described on Sumerian tablets.

They crossed the asteroid belt having shipped to reach us.

The Earth slave labourers looked like being chained black rabbits.

Human rights can be assailed.There is nothing to discuss.’

‘The origins of the Illyrians remained unclear.

Unlike Dorians, they disappeared into Slavic zones.’

‘It’s all hooked up with the Illuminati, and it’s clear

That with this pass, Nibiru cracks its planetary stones.’

‘There’s too many of you here, when you are teleported.’

‘This unseen infrared planet is ours, though you see us.’

‘Vatican knows this, and to keep the secrets they ordered.’

‘You need knowledge to survive.’ ‘This thing we do not discuss.’

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‘We belong to this dual-binary solar system.

In the Oort Cloud, there is a large low-mass aborted star

Making our planet orbits be elliptical. Listen

To the interplanetary plasma that breaks so far!’

‘Odd records around these times of comets and disasters

Lead to the disintegration of civilization.

This old world sows confusion due to our last massacres.

Many birds, animals and people die from starvation.’

‘We’re not those lizards, or those giants from your Vedic myth.

We represent the Federation of Living Planets.’

‘For us, to celebrate Life with Peace means a Holy gift.

You are near our thermonuclear reactor blankets.’

‘Your refusal leads to intergalactic incidents.

Our friends traveled through a spatial wormhole to be with us.

Does the Six Day War support ‘elongated’ imminence?’

‘In front of St Thomas Aquinas we stop to discuss.’


by Marieta Maglas