Overregulation Dialogue

After the 2016 Presidential Election the stock markets in the US hit all-time highs and even before Trump’s inauguration, the Dow is poised to cross 20,000 for the first time. This is surprising because many economists proclaimed that if Donald J. Trump was elected we’d go into recession immediately. Wow, lots of talk and banter with only hollow thinking, I’d say. How can this be you ask? It’s simple, Trump said he’d lower the corporate tax, and reduce regulations. Sure, that would do it, the economy will grow at 4-5% in fact, we will have to worry about over-heating, not slowing down. Even the FED is already saying they will need to raise rates soon. Even with the banking crisis in Italy and the challenges of the European Union.

The left tells us that we need all that regulation, but I for one completely disagree. The left says business is dishonest, but I say what about government and the system we’ve created. What concerns me is when special interests, lobbyists on left or right use regulations intended for other industries to enforce their competitors or anti-agenda organizations out-of-business. The over regulation is pervasive – OSHA has 56 stories tall of regs if you stack each page on top of one-another (2002 figure).

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Businesses, nonprofits, family farms, even our governments’ own agencies (at every level down to park districts and self-governing HOAs) get caught up in this – creating inefficiencies and propping up cronyism (yes, both sides – labor, environmental activists, small businesses, corporations) which does a disservice to our economy, jobs, and standards of living. It’s chocking our society with an ever growing blob of bureaucracy – it’s just insane. No wonder businesses want to leave – that plus, class-action lawyers, insane tax code, labor threats, and bureaucratic and economic uncertainty.

When the EPA is used to prevent coal fired plant EIRs to add clean-coal technologies to actually clean the air – we know that the agency has a politically driven bias against coal – of course we know this because Obama’s own words were “We will regulation fossil fuels out of business” and he’s tried with a phone and a pen – worse he’s turned the EPA into the Gestapo and it no longer serves its original purpose, in fact in the end it may actually worsen the environment – used batteries with heavy metals in our landfills, more birds killed by wind and solar power plant evaporation beams, decreased crop production, more onerous greenhouse gases such as etching compounds used to treat solar panels in manufacturing, more soot from steel production of 400 foot wind turbine towers to get to the stronger winds. The hypocrisy is truly endless and the EPA absolutely worthless.

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In the age of YELP and the internet much of the consumer regulation is completely unnecessary – if a company screws over consumers it is done for anyway – problem solved. When businesses are forced through politically correct agenda to do business a certain way, many cannot survive in the free-market. If those who feel that way about politically correct things and if they vote with their dollars then businesses will change – if not, it probably isn’t that big of an issue anyway – but if a politically correct individual believes it is they may start a business and compete directly – if they are right, they win in profits, if not they go out of business – this is the best way for a society to vote – vote with their dollars not with false propaganda or use of a big government threat.

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by Lance Winslow