Today, All The World’s A Stage

Someone once said, I think it was Shakespeare, “All the world is a stage.” To which one could add all the world is a stage but, we are all bit players. There have been many lead roles that have always changed hands and some have actually changed the course of history. Alexander The Great had the lead role in 335 BC. Julius Caesar was another leading role in the history of the world. In the United States George Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt all had leading roles They paved the way for America’s true Greatness. On the flip side the infamous one Donald Trump has only deepened Americas decline.

Through-out history there have been major roles played to perfection by famous or infamous individuals who through their actions either moved the world in a positive direction or have by violent means sought to seek and garnish more power, control and wealth for themselves. Today, there is no exception. Yet, it has always been the infamous who have managed to steal the limelight and turn the world into one Greek Tragedy after another. We can see that happening with the Trump Administration.

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As the years of the 21st century fly bye the worlds stage continues to revolve around whoever grabs center stage. One might say that Trump as the one who has grabbed center stage. For he continues to be right on queue in rewriting the script for America’s decline. Whatever events that occur in shaping history were brought on by infamous or famous leaders whose parts were well scripted. Each event had a purpose and some succeeded and when the curtain came down gave rise for another lead change. And, so history unfolds by events orchestrated by leading roles and the characters they play.

On the worlds stage today many can conclude that Trump as an infamous lead character while others have a more positive view of the script he is using. But, for millions of Americans who continue to languish behind unable to even find that ladder of upward mobility let alone reach the first step only see a stage that is bare. The worlds stage for millions more around the globe has been bare for too long. The lead players continue to show little remorse to a world teetering on edge.


Question arise by an audience ill prepared for an outcome not of their choosing. The script that is used by infamous lead players continue to ignore the downtrodden masses all over the world. The infamous characters of today’s leading roles continue to portray a calculated deception that hides their diabolical intentions. With the 2020 Presidential election nearing we need new lead roles portrayed by virtuous lead characters who will rewrite the script and turn us away from the Greek Tragedy that is currently playing out today.

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by Dr. Tim G Williams