Guided Sleep meditation for worry and stress | Video

This sleep meditation will help to calm every level down from worry and stress. This peaceful guided talk down is easy to follow with subtle music in the background. Allow your mind and body to drift along with the instructions you hear. These are strange times at the moment and I hope this guided sleep meditation helps a little. Stay safe everyone, Thankyou for you support.
My name is Christian Thomas,
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  1. Found this Christian! I was wondering where you were and I'm really happy to find this! I'll listen to it tonight. Hope you're safe and well! ❤️?

  2. Hey Christian. Not listened for 3 weeks as in isolation with my partner and as you know I sleep soundly when he's home. As soon as society returns to normal no doubt il need this. Hope you are safe and well and hoping all your viewers are too. Take care everyone ?❤️

  3. How do you know if your actually lucid dreaming because sometimes in my dream i can change what happens similar to when you make choices in a video game? Is this lucid dreaming or regular dreaming?

  4. Your videos are simply the best, no other meditations have been as effective for me. An infinite amount of thank you’s to you!! 🙂

  5. you always come through for us. my son is having panic attacks every day and night due to this crazy time we are in. he works for an essential service so is constantly worried he may get it and bring it home to us. I have told him about you so he can listen and find a little peace. stay safe and healthy. thanks for all you do.

  6. I have a one year old Rottweiler who every night lays down and listens to your voice, you have to see it to believe it. She has been doing it since she was 8 wks old thank you ?

  7. I had a restful sleep last night Christian – thank you ? Despite it being a short video …. but your videos are always about quality ?? and not quantity and my subconscious knows that ?. Looking forward for your next one ? Stay safe ?

  8. Hi ,Christian, today I had a strange and unusual feeling that I couldn't breathe freely and I checked my blood pressure and it was very high and also my heart rate was over 140 ,,,didnt feel good at all. I dont have any kind of this problem usually so I didnt know what to do ?
    But I combined this new meditation from you with the 1200 seconds to sleep and after listening to both Im totally fine now with my normal blood pressure and totally normal heart rate ,,so thank you Christian Thomas for all that you do to calm and relax all of your subscribers ?

  9. Perfect for a quick fix on your lunch break or just to ground yourself morning or night. Thanks Christian for all you do for us ❤️ Stay safe ?

  10. I will watch this later tonight, but had to comment based on the title alone. It’s been a really stressful couple of weeks doing call center work for a hospital. I’m on mandatory overtime for who knows how long and I’m really exhausted. Looking forward to listing to this before bed. ❤️

  11. Hi Star ? gem ?. My Missed you my friend ?‍♂️
    I’m glad you’re going much better now ?.
    Love this so much.? Tired muscles oh boy that’s been a few of late ?
    Still it’s going to be awesome once the job is done ?
    Hope all viewers are staying positive & at peace ?safe & having some sunshine ☀️
    Jason Stephenson is amazing too & he’s been having tough times . ?
    We’re all in this together & can help with much care & love ? for all
    Thank you dear Gem ? for you care & wonderful videos ? You are like the Eagle ? to fly in peace ?
    Love ? & light ?. Stay safe & inspired dear Star ? ???? ?

  12. Hey Christian good to see you're still around and thanks a bunch for this mesmerising meditation video? Loving the astrals too and of course your soothing voice?Will listen to this tonight. Stay well and safe during lockdown wont you? We worry about you as much as you worry about us don't we people?
    ?Jackie. x

  13. Oh wow a new video to listen to.just what I needed thank you will now get comfortable an listen to your soothing voice an have a good night's sleep thank you .

  14. Micheal Sealy, Jason Stephenson,and The Honest Guys, thank you for helping me to live. I meditate everynight and sometimes in the afternoon. It has been such a healing experience. I suffer from depression,anxiety,and panic disorder. I also became addicted to all sorts of medicine. I am 7 months clean and your videos have been a big part to my recovery. I love you all and thank you. God bless❤

  15. Hey great work Christian – lovely background music too! It's times like these we need to keep remembering that a good nights sleep is so important to boost our immune systems

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