Playstation 3 "Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution"

One of the finest game strategy games on PC s are produced by Sid Meier. They make one of the most engaging civilization simulation video games around. Popular titles like Railroad Tycoon and Civilization have always continue to deliver the most heralded game play. Thus it no surprise that the company move their popular titles from the PCs genre toward PlayStation 3 platform. And a good job they did, 2K and Firaxis together manage to translate that PC experience successfully towards the PlayStation 3 Platform.

In Sid Meier Civilization revolution game play, the idea is to take a civilization in the stone ages and through strategic planning built it up to the Space Age. When you choose which civilization will be your base, the leader of that civilization also have added bonus for your game play. For example if you chose Cleopatra, you might get additional interest on gold reserves, at the medieval age, population growth is increased by two additional percentages. There five difficulties level in this game. Use the first level as a guide. As you get more proficient, try the more difficulty level.

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To play this video game, you can choose multiplayer mode using LAN or Single player mode. For those who had played this game under PCs, you will know the game can take several weeks to complete. But under PlayStation 3, it doesn’t last as long but not in the least as unsatisfying. In the PlayStation 3 version. Micro managing of the game has also been removed. The graphics are good, bright, colorful and engaging with animation to the characters. The sound track are satisfying as well. Overall the transition form PCs based to the Next Gen game console like the PlayStation 3 is well executed.

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The controls of the game are also simple. You don’t need to be a computer engineer to understand how they work. Though the game didn’t have the depth of the Pcs platform, the game play in the PlayStation 3 version is as satisfying and as well as entertaining.


by Camilla Bertelsen