Quantum Physics and Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts

When pain and suffering come upon you, know that you called them into your life. So therefore stand up to them. Be a Man! Be a Woman! Face the storm they bring and before you know it the sky will turn blue again. It was really only a test and it has made you stronger.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy. We call this the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God. It responds to our thoughts.

Be aware that every thought you have attracts like energy to you out of the Quantum Ocean. All faulty thoughts are thoughts that attract energies out of the Quantum Ocean that are not part of the Divine Blueprints which were set up for man's guidance and growth.

Since man has the power to co-create with his thoughts, he has found out how to think outside the box of Divine Blueprints. He has created his own faulty blueprints. It is the energy within these faulty man-made blueprints that causes all the pain, illness, poverty and unhappiness all around us.

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All physical maladies, all disease, have their origin in the Mind of Man, not the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. They are stored there and powered by the Quantum Ocean but they don't originate there.

As long as man keeps thinking these erroneous thoughts he will continue to pull their energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into his life.

Want to stop all disease, illness and unhappiness on the planet? Then stop thinking about and focusing on it! If all men and women would stop thinking and talking about sickness, illness poverty and unhappiness they would disappear from physical reality. They would remain dormant, as un-manifested energies in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

It is our thoughts that activate pain, disease, poverty and unhappiness into our lives and onto our planet. The whole world needs to be re-educated away from talking and thinking about disease, poverty and unhappiness. Only thoughts of health, wealth and happiness should be allowed on TV, the media and in schools.

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Doctors and scientists should start to look for health, wealth and happiness in the world around them. They should start to preach it. It is our weakness of will which gives way to bad thanking habits which will eventually ruin us.

Start with the children in school. Teach them to think and expect nothing but health, wealth, and happiness. And that will be the energies they will attract out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and into their lives.

Every Sage, religious leader and prophet has all told us the same thing. Cleanse your own temple, drive out all the demons of your lower nature. What are these demons? They are your own erroneous thoughts.


Source by Ellis Peterson