Reasons For Adultery – And How The Shocking Statistics Reveal Why No One Can Be Complacent

Everyone in a marriage or long term relationship needs to be aware of the main reasons for adultery especially in view of the most recent statistics. Recent surveys have revealed that 45% of women and 55% of men have been guilty of committing adultery. Of course these are just the ones who have admitted to it or have been caught so the real numbers must be considerably higher.

There are different areas in their marriages that those surveyed found lacking. 65% of those who admitted to committing adultery said that they lacked sexual intimacy so they chose to look for it elsewhere. 20% claimed that the emotional side of their relationship was lacking, whilst the rest cited physiological needs as the reasons for their dishonesty.

So with these staggering adultery statistics don’t you think it’s in your best interests to know what the main reasons for it are? You should never be complacent in your own marriage because these figures demonstrate that adultery is not just something that happens to someone else.

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Whether it’s one night stands or long term affairs it’s quite clear from these alarming figures that everyone has the capability to cheat on their partner.

Research reveals that there are 5 main reasons for adultery. These are:

1. Loneliness.

This can be when one partner spends a lot of their time away from home either concentrating on their professional career or simply preferring to spend more time with their friends or pursuing their own interests.

2. Communication barriers.

Poor communication invariably causes problems in a marriage or relationship. Problems and arguments left unresolved can easily compound and fester when partners are either unwilling or unable to discuss these with each other.

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3. Lack of love and affection.

Love and affection are essential ingredients in any marriage or relationship. Lack of affection or love is one of the most common reasons for adultery. People will look to others when these needs are not being met by their spouse or partner.

4. A poor sexual relationship

Boredom in the bedroom will often lead to one or even both partners going off and seeking excitement and variety elsewhere.

5. Lack of intimacy

Marriages need intimacy to survive. Without this in your marriage you may well feel unloved, rejected and unwanted.

So there you have the 5 top reasons for adultery and the scary statistics that go with them. If you are aware of any of these issues in your own marriage maybe you should address them before it’s too late!


by Doug Young