Reunion of Jews and Joes Based on Spirituality

The reunion of the House of Judah and the Ten Northern Tribes, often called the House of Joseph, is based on the spiritual condition of the hearts of the people Creator is gathering. It will not be based on DNA results.

It is interesting that Creator revealed to me that the resulting "Tribe of Israelites" which will exist after the reunion of the House of Judah and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" will be called the "Rainbow Tribe". There is a Native American prophecy also about the Rainbow Warriors, but they have not been able to define exactly who these people are.

The Lakota Native Americans were given six ceremonies by White Buffalo Calf Woman during a special visitation. They were told that she would bring a seventh ceremony later. Now that ceremony has been shared with me. Actually, I received it about nine years ago.

It appears Creator likes to seal very special events. For instance, Moses sprinkled blood on the Israelites after he gave them the words of the covenant between them and Creator. After the people agreed to this covenant, it was sealed by the sprinkling of blood by Moses.

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Now we have the end days prophecy of Ezekiel 37 which tells us that Creator is going to reunite all twelve tribes of Israel. At this time we have the House of Judah, the Jews, living in Israel. But that is only one tribe. There may be some from other tribes such as Benjamin, but the ten northern tribes are considered lost.

There are biblical references to these Israelites. For instance, Jesus told us he was only sent to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel". These are the northern tribes of Israel that were scattered by Creator because of their wickedness. Jesus death as a tzadik, or holy man, atoned for these Israelites. He redeemed them back into covenant with Creator.

When I asked Creator a few years ago why the reunion has not happened yet, He shared with me that the "people are not ready". This being the case, it further validates my thought that the reunion will occur based on the condition of the hearts of these Israelites. They must accept each other unconditionally. This does not mean they must agree on all issues, but they must accept their brothers and sisters as equals, because we are told there will be "one people". And there will be one sanctuary among them where the God of Israel will be worshiped.

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I believe we are getting close to the time when this reunion will occur. This is partly because I have received the seventh ceremony that White Buffalo Calf Woman promised to bring to the Lakota. It is a pipe "Ceremony of Brotherhood" which will be performed at the reunion of the twelve tribes of Israel. It is an offering and prayer to the directions of west, north, east, and south, and to Mother Earth and Creator (Wakan Tanka). When this ceremony is performed at the joining of the "Jews and Joes" it will seal this union. It will be blessed by Creator.

These four directions of East (yellow), South (white), West (black), and North (red) are spiritual representatives of all races of man. This is the reason the combined House of Israel will be called the Rainbow Tribe.


Source by Dorothy K Daigle