Tarot Card Interpretation: The Devil – The Tower – Death

It is human nature to want to see the future. To see what is coming, before it actually arrives. It’s the reason many people get readings from Tarot Readers, hoping to get a glimpse of what life has in store for them. While Tarot Reading does offer you insight into some of what lies ahead. The reading provides information about where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. It is my personal experience the 3 most challenging cards in the Tarot deck are, The Devil, The Tower, and Death.

These cards can elicit fears, or a sense of impending doom. This stands to reason, due to preconceived idea’s and false symbolism of what these cards actually represent. The Devil is the opposite of God, or evil. The Tower represents a strong foundation being struck, crumbling in destruction. While of course Death equates with the end of life and the unknown. When we are faced with any one of these things, most people feel danger and a sense of fear. These cards actually represent truth. They allow us to see the fears we already have inside us, and how by bringing those fears to awareness, it allow us to move forward in life.

The Devil – While many have a view of the Devil as a horned beast, creating mass destruction, in fact this card speaks to the ego in each of us. Most humans have some form of shadow, or dark side. These dark sides usually represent temptations, choices, and decisions we make in our daily life. For instance, I was a terrible drunk, and yet I continued to drink, in that process I repeatedly hurt the people I love, the Devil in a reading for me was telling me that if I continue to make that same choice, knowing that it brings chaos to my life, I will most assuredly continue to suffer the same outcome, time and again. Yet the one message remains clear, it is my choice. This doesn’t apply to any one addiction, or temptation, but any action or choice that brings us to that same painful,or uncomfortable outcomes. To recognize these choices they are the ones that after engaging in them, will probably will leave you feeling a sense of; guilt, shame, or anger or lack of trust. It simply is telling us that life puts unlimited choices in front of us, if we know that one hurts us, then look for another choice, one that builds character and strength, and makes us feel self-respect, and self-worth.

The Tower – This is a card of great change and disruption. The card depicts a Tower being struck and crumbling, a shaking of the very foundation on which it stands. For a person in a reading it can come a time where we are not particularly wanting or expecting change. This may come in any area of your life. Perhaps you’ve been working at the same job for 10 years. While you are making a living at it, you do not find any true satisfaction from the work you do. It could come as change in a relationship, which up until now has offered security and comfort, but is void of any passion or happiness. It could be you have lived in the same home for years, even though you never loved the home it was affordable. These are area’s of life that if suddenly change we can feel overwhelmed. For instance if you work at a job you dislike, and you stay for the money, you may suddenly find the company is downsizing and are letting you go or you may come home to find that your lifelong partner has decided he/she is no longer happy and have moved on with someone else. You get notice from your Landlord that they are selling the home you are renting, and it means you have to move. Any of these things can send us into fear of the unknown. In that moment we feel unsure of what we will do, and wonder why this is happening to us. These are examples of the Tower shaking. It is sending us a message that we are clinging to something out of fear. The Universe is going to make us move. What we do with that unexpected disruption will determine if we are really paying attention. We can do what we have always done, and get what we have always gotten. Take another job that is the same as the last one. You can find another partner that has the same personality traits as the last partner. You can move to the house at the end of the road that is the same price, and keeps you in the same area. Or you can think about each of those things, and understand you are being asked to look at change. An opportunity to find work doing something you love. Beginning a new relationship where you will find true happiness and passion (even if this represents a new relationship with yourself). You could think about moving to a place you never imagined, just to see what it would be like. These changes may seem impossible at the moment when we first feel the shake. Yet if you listen to what you really want, you may feel empowered to take chances that offer you unlimited possibilities.

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Death – When receiving the death card in a reading you might suddenly feel fear that you, or someone around you, maybe coming to literal death. Usually this card has nothing to do with literal death. Death is a part of life that eventually happens to all of us. This card speaks to Death of a way of being. Coming to a place within ourselves, that allows us to see the set patterns and beliefs we have lived with for years. These engraved thought processes which have developed from a painful childhood and/or many other factors. You may have never thought to yourself there was any other way but the one way you have always lived. The Death card tell you that there are other ways. Rebirth says you can change those thought patterns that may have told you not good enough, not worthy enough, not strong enough, into a brand new right of passage. Faith is not necessarily any particular belief system, but is very much about the belief in yourself, others, and the Universe. If you have lived life as a victim, perhaps hanging on to negative experiences, you may feel you have endured more than your share of pain, and it’s not fair, you feel resentment, and so you never help others because others don’t help you. Rebirth then could be a time to look beyond yourself, to think about how you might serve others. By allowing yourself a new way of being, it can suddenly take you from victim to healer. This card is asking you to remember yourself, as you were when you entered the world, vulnerable and innocent as we all were. That doesn’t actually ever change, the only thing that changes is the way we come to view ourselves and others. If we can allow ourselves to once again embrace that state of innocence. We are given opportunity to begin again, and just as you once believed you were deserving of pain and hurt, you may find yourself deserving of Love, Compassion and so much more.

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So the next time you find yourself getting a reading and you receive any of these auspicious cards, take heart, you are being given the gift of awareness in some area of your life. Like DNA, a tarot reading is as unique as the person being read. You are given an opportunity to go within where you can discover what each of those cards represent for you.


by Leslie A Stone