Radiesthesia – Dowsing

Radiesthesia is the present day term for the ancient art of dowsing. According to the British Society of Dowers, the term radiesthesia was first created by French Priest, Alex Bouly in which he compounded the Latin words of radiation and perception. The origins of radiesthesia have been dated to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians as a mystical art. There are many practical uses of radiesthesia with or without the use of devices such as a divining rod or pendulum.

The most popular use of radiesthesia in bygone years was in search of water when digging for wells. It was also popular during the gold rush during 1848 through 1852.

Some of the traditional and practical uses of radiesthesia have been in detecting underground vibrations when surveying for building constructions. Locating minerals and lost objects are quite common as well as locating oil, people, and animals.

It is also possible to detect the freshness of produce at the market prior to purchasing. The freshest give off a higher radius of energy. Farmers and home gardeners use radiesthesia in measuring the quality of soil before planting.

Radiesthesia has gained attention in Alternative and Holistic health fields. Many practitioners attest a number of different illnesses for which in addition to locating the areas, radiesthesia is conducted to identify the cause of the illness. It is also a common practice to measure the energy field of the subject before and after the healing sessions.

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Radiesthesia is regarded with much skepticism by the majority of science and medical professions and at times with a great deal of ridicule. Therefore, radiesthesia remains associated with the metaphysical arts.

Those who practice the art of radiesthesia proclaim that everyone has the ability to dowse but are unaware of it due to lack of need or interest.

It is not necessary to use divining rods or pendulums for psychically developed or earth sensitive people. These people have the ability to sense the information needed for divination. Some use their hands and fingers as a source of perception. This particular ability is called Derma Optic Perception.

In general the diviner of a pendulum or dowsing rod is capable of sensing the vibrations and radiations emitted from object, earth, people, animals and vegetation. This indicates a multiple of uses.

Getting started with radiesthesia without the expense of purchasing a pendulum or divining rod can be achieved with a couple objects you most likely have at home. Wire clothes hangers straightened out and bent at one end for handles are a make shift divining rod. Holding one in each hand outstretched in front of you about two feet apart will give you the idea of how it works. Walk slowly around the area you wish to test. If you are in your home and your plumbing is beneath you, the rods will voluntarily cross one and other without your prompting.

A pendulum can be constructed by taking a string or cord and tying one end to a small object that you may have lying around such as a piece of jewelry like a pendant or perhaps a number 8 metal nut if you are out in your garage. Hold the other end between your thumb and index finger. The pendulum will move accordingly to your questions and intentions. For a yes answer it may move to and fro in front of you. It may move side to side for a no answer. Sometimes the pendulum will go in circles.

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The point in creating these home made devices to familiarize yourself with the information and the experience necessary for understanding the process of radiesthesia.


by Barbara Garcia