Should We Have a One World Government – What Say You?

Not long ago, someone who believes in the concept of a one world government had asked me what I thought about the whole concept. Indeed, it sounds like a nice idea, but unless it is done right, it won’t work. My acquaintance stated that he felt mankind’s future depended on it, and asked what I think about the whole thing. Okay so, let’s discuss this and see what you (the reader) things about it. Turn on your mind and let’s start this dialogue then.

Indeed, I do not have a problem with world government although I am not sure whom I’d ever trust to run it, rather than myself. Perhaps a group of a dozen or so philanthropic benevolent dictators – with one caveat – if I were included of course. You see, I do not have so much trust in governments, and historically speaking, I’d be “very wise” to take that wisdom to heart, so might you.

In studying leadership, rules, and governments in history we see the problematic nature of humans, as they are quite full of themselves at times, and love to engage in all the sound and fury! I suppose someday that a super computer with terabyte/second processing would be able to make decisions far better than any group. Question again is who gets to program it and what parameters will they set or limitations will they impose.

Still, if the AI computer eventually figures out that programmer is so inferior as to disregard its own programming there could be a struggle of sorts, leaving everyone hanging in the balance! Am I starting to sound like a Hollywood Terminator Movie, that wasn’t my intention, just going over the potential future scenarios with you. You see, I guess my biggest issue with a one-world government is I don’t trust humans, I only trust myself. So, that is a hard issue to get over psychologically speaking, as to the other question do I trust myself more than an infinitely intelligent AI program which learns and teaches itself?

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The reality is, I don’t know the answer to that question yet, which is better for human kind? And would you trust a group of benevolent philanthropists over a machine? Remember even the benevolent philanthropists will have innate human characteristics, and you don’t get to be a billionaire, or keep that level of wealth unless you have some pretty psychologically tough minded genetic dispensation or nurture (experience) along the way playing out your Machiavellian Tendencies.

Well, with that said, you know humans it seems, well, they are a problem at every socio-economic level, most all ethnic backgrounds, and nearly every single nation. Indeed, with some 6 Illuminati Names in or married into my family tree, and being Blue-Blood myself with Royal Lines and Mayflower ancestry, I often am on the other side of the anti-ruling class debate.

We must all remember that the world’s billionaires and industrial capitalists have done a lot for the world, and yes, it goes without saying that some have crossed the line in order to get or maintain their status, market positions, or increase their economic standings. My acquaintance makes an interesting statement, one you may have even considered yourself;


“I do understand people’s concerns with world government and you’re right it does come down to who will be running it. It’s my opinion that whoever seeks power should be kept away from it.”

Okay so, that’s a good point isn’t it? You see, there is a lot of truth to that statement – well said. If the “club of gentleman” is to rule, they are going to have to do it with tough love, and work to be loved and respected, which may not always be possible, or at least history has suggested this future reality. And we must remember that the most important thing is that the “individual” remain paramount, and that means every individual. Also we must relegate to the reality that a group is only as strong as its parts. And we need strong individuals at all levels, and they need to remain strong and free, if they are overly controlled, the system will eventually fail. They must be rewarded for their efforts and they need their freedom.

My acquaintance asks; “Maybe we could get some philosopher kings?” Yes, that would be the best, question is will such power corrupt, it seems to be a common theme amongst these primate upright walking carbon based bipeds. And so, I leave you with more questions today, than answers, and I hope you will please consider all this.


by Lance Winslow