You Must Sleep With Me, I Have Hired You With My Son’s Mandrakes

Drowsy, sluggish, torpid, inactive

hypnotic, soporific, unpleasant, narcotic

In the cave it grows, in the distance

the lining will flow another demon tripped up.

Untorn excitement neglected and detached, in due time

it will find its opening as this has already been arranged

no alternatives will be offered, predestined, inescapable,

inexorable, oh how horrible the dragon, the dagger,

the rogue, dope fiend, unsheathed weaponry, no piss,

a smear, failed verbatim without recourse, trapped in a hole

Something, impaired, undamaged, unkind, black cats on the rafters, an unsold solitary mouse, but how does it feel when there are answers available behind the curtain between her legs above the blouse intricacies are seldom a puzzling thing pet it, touch it incriminating words are usually held in short supply if there are objects that can be used to intensify goodwill, competition, magnify the soil, small openings should always be considered to be first

When they are attractive, pants may be held slipshod, salt and vinegar, virulent taste

stitches for a winding road black humor has little meaning if you fail to see it in the dark

Substances may be sold to reduce sensation, quiet noise, sophistication, encampment,

procreation on a wheel so sign on the dotted line blind progeny family dinners respite

on a lake, stream to the cadence and lilt, enticement has a measure with strained academics wandering there are no belts between them, only a sacred heart built up for private parties lonely times incantation holy motion indefinite sorties drifting from a swill

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by Gerald Marchewka