Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation: Fall Asleep Faster with Sleep Music & Spoken Word Hypnosis | Video

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  1. For decades I have got this sleep problems currently where I wake up 4 AM in the early morning most often. But only these latest months, my resting hours are only 2 to 4 hours. It has become even worse. Simply by trying this plan “Fαntυgα Fαzαm” (Google it), I was able to find out much more with regards to sleep and also discover the ways to get a excellent sleep. . .

  2. To everyone,
    I know you can’t get to sleep, the only thing you can do is read these comments but try to lie down! I know that the isolation is stressful and worrying but remember that you are loved and you are AMAZING. If you are working at home tomorrow or homeschooling just remember that it will all be ok, I hope that you have a nice sleep,
    Love Lila xx❤️?? sleep well!

  3. Ive started a new journey on trying to better myself mentally, physically, and spiritually and this video has truly helped me a lot to take this slowly and step by step, that it all starts with the amount of deep sleep I need to get to where I want. Thank You

  4. Does anyone know there is similar sleep meditation video where it talks about that you are in elevator and now your reached universe and ask for your wish.
    I used to love that but now can not find that link

  5. Jason Stephenson : Now is the time to get rid of all the excess baggage you may have been carrying throughout your day
    Me, springing up in bed like a damn dracula: the auDIO ON THIS VOCAL ISN'T THE SAME AS THE OTHER TRACKS

  6. What is this sleep it sounds weird I’ve never heard of it can someone tell me what sleep is please wow I just watched the clock change to 2:00

  7. “Enjoy the silence in between those in and out breaths” No one: … Not even my own nose: …. My fan: “VVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW VEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW VVVVEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW”

  8. Him:Let your mind be at peace and be calm ///My hamster: KWBDKRKRJFKFKFJF///My head: “renegade renegade renegade renegade”

  9. I’m not one who believed that this could help but I tried it anyway because my friends suggested it since I haven’t slept for more then a few hours and some days where I couldn’t sleep at all this continued for months until finally I collapsed. I’m glad this works, I had a no nightmares and a full 7 hours of sleep although first try I slept for most of the day.?

  10. You need to filter out the S noises. It's making a sort of whistling noise every few seconds, which obviously doesn't work.

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