Tarot Cards: Predicting Time-Intervals Within a Reading

Many people, even very experienced people, have trouble deriving time-intervals from Tarot. Just assume you have cards on the table indicating that you – or a querent – will face a turbulent emotional time, when they will need the support of their friends. You – or the querent immediately asks: “When will this start?” and “How long will it last?”

How do you get the answers to these questions? My system will show you how.

I have a Tarot deck that I only use for timings in addition to the decks I use for readings, with unillustrated pips and with Majors I don’t care much for. You are never going to actually READ with this deck, so it’s better if it is a deck that lacks meaning for you. During the main reading, if there’s an issue that I want a timing on, I shut my eyes briefly, and if I don’t hear my voice coming out with a time-interval, I’ll hand the querent the timing deck, get them to shuffle it briefly, then cut it at the point where the deck wants to separate (rarely the middle). I’ll then look at that card.

I’ll start descxribing the meaning of the Minors:-

1) The time intervals are predicated on the speed of the suits.

Coins, as Earth, is slowest-moving, so represents YEARS.

Cups, as Water, is second slowest, a little faster, so it is MONTHS.

Swords as Air, is faster still, so it is WEEKS.

Wands, as Fire, is fastest and most energetic of all, so it is DAYS.

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Aces through to tens are that time-interval multiplied by the face-value (ie, the Two Coins would be two years, the Six Wands would be six days).

Pages are eleven of the time-unit, Knights twelve, Queens thirteen, and Kings fourteen. This already provides the deck with a bit of overlap. (If I was using an ordinary playing deck instead of a Tarot deck, I would make Jacks eleven, Queens twelve and Kings thirteen).

Drawing a Major tells you this, and I usually say exactly this to clients: “The Tarot doesn’t know how long it will be. It is entirely up to you. This card is about {name the principle issue of the card}; when that has been resolved and dealt with in your life, then and only then will it come to happen. If you want it to happen faster, then work through your issues concerning this card faster”.


This method DOES NOT WORK if you simply pull a card from the remainder of the deck you’ve already done the main spread with. It also has a track record of occasional failure if you use a second deck that is accustomed to being used for readings – it will keep trying to tell you stuff instead of just figuring out timings. Keep one deck entirely separate, one you have never read from. I recommend very simple decks – Marseilles-style decks are excellent.

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Playing cards are also excellent – far better than Tarot decks you actually like or have used for readings – but be careful about Court Cards: the Jack is 11, the Queen is 12 and the King is 13. The only problem is that if the timing REALLY is completely dependent on your completing other important stuff first: say, for example – you’re never going to meet the love of your life or land the perfect job until after you front Court on all our traffic offenses or even that old rape charge and get that dealt with, then a deck of playing cards won’t be able to tell you that, but a Tarot deck will, by presenting you with – say – the “Justice” card.

In short, playing cards do timing well, but not as well as single-purpose unillustrated Tarot decks that are only used for timings.


by Nisaba Merrieweather