The Best Way to Organize Your Computer Files | Video

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Is your computer’s desktop a jumble of shortcuts and apps you never use? Is your English essay hiding somewhere in your Borderlands 2 game saves folder? Is the word “backup” something you only say when playing co-op video games? If so, IT’S TIME TO STOP.

Today, I’ll share a simple process for organizing the files on your computer – and keeping them that way. We’ll build a simple-yet-flexible system of folders that will make it easy to find anything you need. We’ll also talk about cloud syncing, the best way to name your files, backup options, and dig a bit into shortcuts and other ways to access frequently-used files quickly.

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01:41 – Two important rules for file organization
02:22 – The tree structure explained
04:08 – In-depth look at my folder structure
07:31 – How to name your files
08:33 – The best cloud sync app (and why you need it)
10:30 – How to back up your files (cloud sync isn’t enough)
13:09 – Use shortcuts and quick access
14:36 – Audible and a book recommendation

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  1. As an educational video it will be more effective if you showed more of the content than your face and slowed down on the speed of your talking

  2. "A tree structure provides the most efficient and usable way of organizing your files."
    False. Even the tagging system is better than a tree.

  3. What I love about your videos is that you make something educational so much fun with your cool personality. I enjoy watching your content

  4. This tree structure makes total sense to me. However I have had problems saving to One drive….some of my folders within folders I saved are empty cause I think my file names end up being too long. Do you know if there is a limit to the number of characters?

  5. Anyone recommend a specific cloud sync app for an office to use collectively?? Our office uses Office 365, but I am not sure how great SharePoint is…

  6. I would add one more to his advice. I would recommend use an underscore instead of a space in your file or folder names, especially if you do data work. It makes the files readable and accessible from all software programs.

  7. Does anyone know the program where he did the tree structure in minute 5 ????, pretty cool.
    Best videos for productivity, since i suscribed my collage grades have improved a lot.
    Big thanks Thomas

  8. I have Folders in my Dropbox. It's how I keep everything organized. I think I need to look into Coggle- not sure what it is yet. I have Apple Computers at home, and Windows at work.

  9. I appreciate you giving all options during your videos and not saying you MUST do one or the other – it allows us to select the best option that will work for us…and you're speaking is flawless with zero to no fillers when speaking. Nice job!!!

  10. Biggest weakness of folders; a file has to be in one place only. Yet, often folder categories overlap and the whole clean structure breaks down. There needs to be a better alternative… an information architecture where files can be in multiple places at once!?
    Loved to see how others organize files!

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