The Dirt and Diseases Associated With Attraction to Fiction

Some may already be aware of it. Others are blind to the danger of fiction and the lies of mankind. As a young child dolls and such toys were abhorrent to me because they are not real. It's the same today when I look at things that are made up and pushed upon us for the sake of money and power. Governments and industry in general are engaged in a race to trap people into their clutches and few there are who can avoid them.

My awareness of the evil of man is heightened by my reincarnation and knowledge that the real God, the spirit of the universe, has been usurped by human power. Most men are generally misguided by their attitude towards life and their inventions. High on their list of specifically are the false gods and dreams they harbor and worship.

Fiction is, therefore, a major part of the modern world of finance. Movies, story telling, and the value placed over man-made structures, and so forth, speak volumes about how much it has taken over. Money is man-made power and exchanging it for goods and services is the work of the second beast of Revelation who put the monetary system in place.

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When we take in the false dreams associated with the World Order we absorb the dirt they carry. For spiritual people this is deadly and will often result in a bad feeling inside perhaps a bad taste in the mouth.

For the non-spiritual who are unaware of the danger the dirt accumulates in their body and manifests into cancer, diabetes, heart failure, obesity, and so on. Included on the list of dangerous fiction are the festivals, such as Christmas and Easter. Those times are notorious for accidents and natural disasters as the Spirit retaliates against them.

Those who are spiritual have guidance within which enables them to discern the truth and when they turn from the bad to the Spirit they are instantly healed. The dirt simply drains away.

Over the years there have been many instant healings as the Spirit led me to people seeking to know it. The world is in dire straits and the work of the beast is coming to an end. He is Constantine who was a Roman Emperor. He established the Catholic Church based on his own Islamic religion. He invented Jesus Christ and established the systems by which the world runs. He is 666 in Revelation 13: 12-18 where it also states:

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"No man may buy or sell except he has the mark or name of the beast and the number of his name … and his number is six hundred threescore and six." Revelation 13: 17,18

His ways are bringing this world as we know to an end because money, fiction, power, and man's ways are being overcome by the return of the Spirit. Some people are waking up to the religious lies and the false gods while turning from the evil to seek the truth. The Internet is helping them to do it.


Source by Norma Holt