Types of Ghosts – True Story of How They Become Ghosts

Ghosts have been a significant part of humanity ever since human origin. In spite of this, nothing much is known about them. They capture popular interest owing to their mysterious quality. If you have shown interest in ghosts and read about them, you might have come across the fact that the topic is vaster than you thought. For instance, few people are aware that there are many varieties of ghosts.

People unknowingly use the term “ghost” to include a plethora of negative entities from spirits of deceased people to subtle sorcerers. In truth, ghosts can be classified on the basis of their spiritual strength, by means of which they can harm humanity. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has investigated, researched, described, and recorded several varieties of ghosts. The objective of this organization is to utilize the spiritual science to familiarize people with the phenomenon of ghosts.

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The following is a classification of ghosts as discovered and researched by SSRF In the descending order of their spiritual strength, they are:

· Subtle sorcerer

· Spirit

· Witch

· Jaakhin

· Female goblin

· Black serpent

· Demon

· Common ghost

The subtle sorcerers are the most powerful ghosts and they control the rest of the categories.

Ghost Forms

What form does a ghost take? The form a ghost takes depends on the level of their spiritual energy. A ghost’s form also depends on its purpose. If it intends to terrify, it will assume a terrifying form. Ghosts can also assume the form of angels or spirit guides with the intention of fooling spiritual healers. In addition, they can assume the physical forms of our deceased loved ones, thereby fooling not only us, but also the medium we have visited.

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How does a deceased soul become a ghost?

Although our physical bodies die, out subtle bodies don’t. These subtle bodies move on, and some of them turn into ghosts. Usually, people become ghosts owing to discontentment and unsatisfied cravings for sex, revenge, alcohol, and so on. They torment humanity for the sheer pleasure of it. Souls do not undergo any special process to become ghosts.

How does a spirit fit into a particular category?

Everything depends on what characteristic feature of a person dominates when he/she passes away. For instance, if a person was involved in harming humanity when he/she died, he/she might become a subtle sorcerer. If he/she died harboring ill will or craving for material desires, he/she might continue living as a common ghost.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal