Variables, Datatypes and Typecasting | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #7 | Video

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  1. print("Enter the two number for addition:")

    numinput1= input()

    numinput2= input()

    print("Your answer is",int(numinput1)+int(numinput2))

  2. Sir, please check if it is okay or not! answer of the quiz
    #Simple calculator to add two numbers from the user.

    #date– 5/24/2020

    print("PLease enter your first numbern")

    #variables declaration

    firstnum = input()

    print("PLease enter your second numbern")

    #variable declaration

    seconfnum = input()

    #Output of the program

    print("The sum of the given numbers isn",int(firstnum)+int(seconfnum))

  3. print("Please enter first number: ")
    invar1 = int(input())

    print("Please enter second number:")

    invar2 = int(input())

    print("the sum of two numbers",invar1+invar2,"n")

  4. Num1 = int(input('enter the first number: n'))
    Num2 = int(input('enter the second number: n'))
    Sum = Num1 + Num2
    Print("the sum of", Num1, "and" Num2, "is: n", Sum)
    #Thankeww Soo Much ❣️ for this motivation carry bhai ♥️

  5. x = int(input('enter a number: '))
    y = int(input('enter a number: '))
    op = (input('enter operater: '))

    print(x + y)
    print(x – y)
    print(x * y)
    print(x / y)
    print('wrong operator')

    Simple calculator with python.

  6. I am really very sorry sir that I am starting this tutorial so late as I am just in class 9th now and I hv came to be known about python presently. sir I am working on python 3.7.6. I am sending you my code so please tell whether this is right or not.
    print("This is a python calculator for addition only")

    print("Enter your 1st number ", end=" – ")

    print("Enter your 2nd number", end=" – ")


    print("your answer=", (int(inpnum)+int(inpnum2)))
    This worked completely right for me. You teach very well.
    Thank you

  7. print("enter first number")

    print("enter second number")

    inpnum1 = input()

    inpnum2 = input()

    print("your total is",int(inpnum1)+int(inpnum2))

  8. print("enter your first number")

    inpnum1 = input()

    print("enter your second number")

    inpnum2 = input()

    print("the addition of two number is:",int(inpnum1) + int(inpnum2))

  9. print("Welcome To Calculator")

    print("Enter Your First Number")

    inpnum1= input()

    print("Enter Your Second Number")

    inpnum2= input()

    print("The Answer Is",int(inpnum1)+int(inpnum2))

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