What Are Filter Sweeps | Science of the Bass Drop | J.A.M. House Tutorials | Video

In this video we talk about the basics of filter sweeps. There are a lot of similarities between the creation and usage of sweeps and risers, so feel free to mix and match techniques to come up with some cool and unique effects.

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  1. Heh thanks. I guess I have just gotten in the habit of telling people to mess around with stuff because that was one of the things I wanted to encourage most with my videos. I like to give people the resources to come up with their own stuff. I'm sure that most people probably do that anyway, but it seems like a lot of "tutorials" are just reading off values so people can make the exact same thing. But you're right, it probably has become something that I just say when I transition topics.

  2. Thank you for this and keep these coming.
    I'm not that great on the technicalities of Reason so your explanations really help. One minor point: we will mess around and feel free to do whatever we want with your excellent pointers .You don't have to tell me/us we are allowed to. We know: don't worry about it – you're doing great!

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