What Is Basically A Computer Virus?

Technology today is simply awe inspiring. Computers are being used for several purposes, making the world a better place. Software producers are busy making new products to make the lives of everyday people better. Computers are becoming household items due to the ease and convenience. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this glamorous world of technology. Many technological geniuses use their smarts for evil. A computer virus is a small software program that goes from system to system corrupting computers in response.

While you’re exploring the internet, you are most likely to come across a computer virus. Many viruses are spread by email. You should always check the sender of any email you receive, and make sure it is a person you know and trust. These viruses can take cover of many things such as audio or video files, greeting cards, etc. Some are spread as downloads on websites. Viruses are malware meant to replicate and attach themselves to all files on your computer without your consent. Almost all of these unwanted programs target devices running Microsoft Windows.

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One way to help prevent viruses when running Microsoft Windows is to have a secure administrator account, which allows you to access all files on your system. Make sure to use a secure password, as some viruses can break through this account and fully corrupt your files.

What do Computer Viruses do?

Computer viruses do different things that usually have the same outcome. They are meant to corrupt data, destroy the software, and inflict harm. Some specially programmed viruses can steal your banking information, not only affecting your computer but your savings as well. By using malevolently coded programs, viruses hide away and sneakily attach themselves to your computer. When they do this, it not only affects your system, but it spreads itself to any computer you connect to. Some will even go through the email contacts you have and send the virus to them, and will do the same thing to their computers causing a full circle of mayhem. The good news is that most viruses are small, and can be fixed. A lot of them are just practical jokes meant to cause panic. But some can be extremely harmful and are not worth risking your valuable files. Antivirus programs are good protection against harmful programs and are usually worth the money. They can detect and remove viruses that you might not have even been aware of, keeping your computer secure. Owning an antivirus system is highly recommended as viruses do grow like a breeze.

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A computer virus replicates itself on the same device, clogging up your space and slowing down your computer to extremely low speeds. When the virus successfully affects the target area, it is considered “infected”. This is usually a bad sign, but not all viruses carry a destructive weapon.


Source by Alfred Clark