What Is Love and Why Do We Need Relationships?

To begin with there is nothing we actually need because all that we perceive we need is already within us but we have decided to ignore that inner Divine voice of Light, Love and Healing. Light Love and Healing are three essential ingredients compiled within the formula of LOVE; pure Divine Love which has no opposite. However, as we commence the journey from barter love through to LOVE there is immense healing necessary for the Light to be visible illuminating Love in your inner essence.

Relationships on the other hand are on a take it or leave it basis while we reside within the dogma of barter love. Thus, it is impossible to know true relationships of any genre unless we know love. To know LOVE we must shed our paradigms, those limitations which retard our growth and exuberance towards life devoid of even the most meagre form of malady ranging through sadness to full blown hospitalisation. We desire relationships to enhance life on earth; however we may only experience the powerful beauty of relationships when we know love. Both walk hand in hand and are two manifestations of the experience of LOVE. You cannot know one without the other.

So what is a person to do then who desires to know life in its magical fullness? Meditate. Yes meditation is the key to harnessing all that is true. You have often heard the cliché silence is golden; well it is truer that you may think. How true? Very!

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Hmmm it is time to insert a caveat of note which instructs that meditation is only effective when one’s life becomes meditation – – – 24/7! Meditation is a state of being through which love communicates and all aspects of life then respond beautifully with exceptional compliments. You then know that the words ‘I am in love’ are frivolous impediments needing to be replaced with ‘I am Love’.

It is the silence between notes that releases the hidden music which then transforms the air, our hearts and minds especially our reaction to events and situations. Thus, the beauty of life is found in quiet reflection and music resonates. Now it is time to release the beauty that is waiting on the side-lines of your heart and get to know the magic of LOVE. You see it matters not the turmoil or perceived turmoil in any situation because if you know LOVE then you are automatically transported beyond limitations releasing the experience of knowing alternatives.

To know LOVE then is the ultimate experience as everything is a delusion of a mind curtailed by limitations and if you desire love and a loving relationship then find the quietness of being so you may connect with source. Let me tell you something too which shall alleviate your disconcerting thoughts about God and religion. It matters not a whit what you think towards religions and God because of the gift of our free will.

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Think of God in terms of Divine Presence, which is more affectionate than the deity wringing his hands trying to come up with ways of taunting all life forms on earth. As Divine Presence is omnipresent then you know you have never to go anywhere to communicate because you are already in communion thus let the conversations begin — but most importantly – – – LISTEN.

As you may have gathered by now, love and relationships will only arrive and thrive when you listen. Then when they do arrive continue listening and amazing manifestations shall perpetually arrive at your feet. At this juncture I am recommending you read the poems of St. John of The Cross as they typify the ethereal essence of LOVE. As you explore the agony and the ecstasy of his life and how he transmuted energies towards experiencing LOVE I know you too shall be transformed. Namaste!


Source by Tomas Coimin