What The Magician In Tarot Cards Mean To You

The Magician is the second card in the 22 Tarot trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with the number 1. It represents the action and motivation behind all creative forces. If the card is drawn in a reading, it is a strong indicator that luck, talent and skill are on your side and it is the first real steps towards the start of a new cycle of growth and achieving your goals.

Referring to the Rider-Waite image of the card, you will see that one hand is pointed to the earth while the other is pointed to the heavens. It is suggesting that you are aspiring to do something great and yet grounded. It is saying to you not to take a big jump to greatness without doing preparation and hard work.

The four suits of the Minor Arcana can be seen on the table. A Cup which represents emotions, a Sword for mental thoughts, a Wand for Action, and a Pentacle which represents Money. He is a reminder that you also have the ability to make use of the resources of the universe to make your dreams manifest.

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Perhaps you are in a dilemma in life where you are required to think quickly on your feet. You could also be thinking of changing your job, looking for a new company to work with, a relationship decision or even a personal change to your daily habits. Ask yourself if there is more you can do to achieve your dreams. Sit down and evaluate what you can bring to the table to your partner or your new boss during interviews,, Or even to yourself if you are your own boss. If you are currently satisfied in your current job, it may be possible that a job expansion may be coming up. However, this does not apply to only job applications, it could be also be applicable to your studies, such as expansion of knowledge to be more employable in the job market.

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Just remember to apply the Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gratitude to align your emotions, thoughts and actions into a good plan, and you will have the drive to get to where you want to go to create the life that you want if you think outside the box. When that is achieved, learn to let go of the past and old beliefs while embracing new adventures and opportunities.


by Marcus C. S. Tan