Xbox 360 Repair Secrets Revealed

Do you have Xbox 360 and even if you don’t have a Xbox 360, you must have heard about Xbox 360 launched by Microsoft in 2005 a video gaming console. With this you must also have heard about technical problems you may have to face if you are a Xbox 360 owner. In this article, you will get solution for all of your Xbox 360 related problems.

Here are some tips that one can follow to repair any kind of errors in their Xbox 360:

  1. Xbox 360 has four red lights which indicate different kind of problems your console may be facing. In case your console is showing one flashing red light, it means some kind of hardware or system failure. In many of the cases, it’s really difficult to fix the problem. So we have to get our console repaired or replaced.
  2. When your Xbox 360 is showing two flashing red lights, it means your console is facing overheating problem. To solve this you will need to switch off your console and let it get cool down.
  3. Three flashing red lights or ‘Red ring of death’ shows general hardware failure. And it must be send to Microsoft for repair or you repair at home with some easy to follow manuals.
  4. And all four flashing red lights indicate that your console is unable to detect its AV cable.
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To solve your Red ring of death problem, you will need to take Microsoft support help or find some way to repair yourself. The biggest problem while getting your Xbox 360 repaired via Microsoft is that it will take 6-8 week and you have to pay $140 if your gaming console is not under-warranty.

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The best solution for you will be to buy an Xbox 360 repair guide which will cost you very less money. The best thing about such guides is that you will be able to repair your console in an hour time by following their easy to use manuals and videos. And in case you are unable to repair your console, get your money back.


by Anil Garg