A Medley of Idioms

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah are two places which God rained with fire and brimstone and devastated it. As an idiom Sodom and Gomorrah means sexual immorality.

Example: South East Asia especially places like Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia are Sodom and Gomorrah.

Though a sin Sodom and Gomorrah is practiced by many people.


Cain was a murderer of his innocent brother Abel. As an idiom it means a murderer of the innocent.


The IS are Cains.

A Cain has to undergo a capital punishment.

Cain is a sin before God.


Abraham is the grand patriarch of the Old Testament. He was tested by God when he was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. He obeyed God’s command impeccably. And later an angel is said: don’t worry; sacrifice the ram entangled in thorns. As an idiom it means being faithful.

Example: All Christians are not Abrahams of faith.

Being Abraham towards Christ is a wise choice.

King Solomon turned away from being Abraham when he started worshipping the pagan religions of his concubines.

Eating the Fruit

We all know the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, the fruit of knowledge. As an idiom it means violating the norms of the society.

Example: Bill Clinton was eating the fruit when he had an illicit affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Some forms of eating the fruit like adultery won’t be a transgression in a democracy.

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Paradise Papers

It was full-blown news drifting in the shores of the media about clandestine funds settling down offshore areas. As an idiom it means the travel of illegal money into offshore areas.

Example: Many high and mighty people are involved in the paradise papers.

The governments need to catch the paradise paper people.

Temple of God

We all know the incident in the Bible when Jesus went into the temple, he saw host of vendors and hawkers plying their wares there. He became angry and whipped them with a Cat O’ Nine tails and he said this temple is the Lord’s and a house of prayer, you have made it a den thieves. As an idiom it means driving out the riffraff of the society.

Example: America by going to impose sanctions and declaring North Korea as a rogue state is a Temple of God.

The Temple of God needs to be taken up by governments.

Thomas Chandy the corrupt, communist Kerala Minster of transport needs to be given the Temple of God.

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Doklam is the border between India and China. Recently there was a military standoff between India and China. As an idiom it means a souring relationship between two countries and hostile bickering.

Example: The Cold War was an ideological Doklam.

The Doklam between America and Cuba has been eased.

There is a Doklam between America and North Korea.

Sermon on the Mount

Christ’s Sermon on the Mount is an all time favorite and profound in literary and philosophical thought. Sermon on the Mount as an idiom means profound philosophical and literary work.

Example: Christ’s Sermon on the Mount epitomizes and affirms the meaning of life.

Tolstoy’s War and Peace is a Sermon on the Mount.

James Joyce’s Ulysses written in a streams of consciousness narrative is a modern Sermon on the Mount.


We all know that Christ was crucified and he resurrected on the third day. Resurrection as an idiom means bailing out from a troublesome situation.

Example: When we were in debts, our grandfather resurrected.

It took some time for economies to get resurrected from the economic glut.

A resurrection is needed in my finances.


by Bose Anand