Android Phone Tricks You Should Know

The Android phone offers you endless opportunities with more tricks than you will likely ever use. We wanted to offer you the best tricks for you. In fact, they can help you to have the best options and everything that you have ever dreamed of. This list of tricks is the ones that we find we use the most and the ones that we think that everyone will use the most.

#1 – Keep Others Out – Maintain Your Privacy

One of the things that you probably realize is that they have sensitive content and personal information. You do not want anyone to be able to get your information. So, one of the features that you can use is “Screen Pinning.” This allows for you to “pin” an app making it impossible for someone to leave the app and look at other things on your own. The best part is that you are the only person who can unpin the app. To use this follow the following instructions:


1 – Click on the Settings app.

2 – Click on the Security section.

3 – Click on Screen Pin or Screen Pinning.

4 – Choose to turn the app on and enable the option for a screen lock.

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How to use screen pinning:

1 – Click and open the app that you would like to pin.

2 – Once you have opened the app, you simply scroll up to see the pin icon.

3 – Just tap the pin icon and your phone will be locked on the app.

#2 – Keep Nosy People from Seeing Your Lock Screen Notifications

 Do you hate when you see people trying to read your lock screen notifications? This is the type of security that you use to keep people off of your phone. So, when those messages pop up, it is not something that you want to happen. It’s very easy to hide your notifications and keep them off of the lock screen. Here is the process with your options:

1 – Click on the settings app.

2 – Choose either Notifications or Sound and Notifications.

3 – Tap the icon that looks like a gear. (If you have the Android Nougat, you get to skip this step!)

4 – Next click on either Lock Screen or On The Lock Screen.

5 – You will have three options to choose from:

1 – Choose the option that does not show notifications at all.

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2 – Choose the option that allows you to show all notification content.

3 – Choose the option that allows you to hide sensitive notification content.

6 – You are now done. It is really that simple.

#3 – Find Your Phone if it is Lost or Stolen

If you have ever lost your phone, you will know the devastation that it causes and worry while you search for it. So many of us rely on our phones for the calendars, to have contact with friends and family, and to even communicate for work. There are apps that you can actually install on your phone that will help you to be able to ensure that you can always find it. Here are the instructions:

1 – Look for Android Device Manager, if you do not have it installed, install it.

2 – Next you will want to choose the device manager or android or

3 – Now you need to select the phone from the menu.

4 – Next you will be able to find the location, make your phone ring, lock your phone, or even erase all of the data.