Back To Basics Guided Meditation: For beginners & returning meditation users | Video

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  1. First time meditator here.
    It reminds me of trying to get my kids to sleep at night when they’re restless.

    I’m determined to carry on to strengthen my brain and reduce my stress responses.

  2. I cant do this, it's not the guy that made this videos faul, its mine. I try to follow the steps but I start crying out of no where and lose my calmness.

  3. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately, so when this popped up In my recommend I decided to try it. It was a pure moment of peace and bliss. Thank you for letting me escape from my thoughts, even if just for a little while.

  4. I’m so sorry! I tried so hard to do this the first time but I just felt the same as when I began?! My mind is all over the place and it’s close to impossible for me to ever relax! My therapist told me today about guided meditation. I wax so upset that I couldn’t get into it the first time like some people can ?. I am diagnosed with bipolar but I know I have some trauma because of my past and because I have night terrors and sleep paralysis. My mind has always gone a million miles a minute and every medicine I’ve taken does not seem to work. I will try this meditation again.

  5. I didn't feel anything but random thoughts were entering my mind. Any longer and I think I would've fallen asleep (sitting straight)

  6. For a few years I have been listening to sleep music, binaural beats and those megahertz. I like them ok but never really get relaxed enough and sleep well. I have tried meditation a couple times on my own to no avail. Tonight I tried this. In 15 minutes I am more relaxed than after a wonderful massage.
    Your voice was soothing and i was amongst the ethereal world for a time.
    Next I will try your chakra sleep meditation i know those are blocked and am positive your meditations will clear them out.
    I am grateful to you for these recordings.

  7. What do I do if a song continues to play in my head? How do I let go and allow myself to not be distracted by this? Any tips would be helpful. Thank you so much for this video though, I truly do feel a bit lighter and peaceful.

  8. Thank you Jason for this. During the meditation all of my thoughts went away and I felt like I was in a deep sleep. Im the beginning I was breathing but somewhere along i don't remember breathing. I know I was very relaxed. Blessings to you Jason.

  9. I did this for the first time right now, sitting on my bed, kind of in front of a window, and when I opened my eyes again the first thing I looked at was the moon and it was just so fascinating (for me it always is) but I didn't even notice it before

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