Can Black Magic Make You Rich?

Does it seem like you¹re always struggling to make ends meet? Are you fed up with having next to nothing in your bank account when the bills have been paid? Does it feel like you’re always lurching from one financial crisis to the next?

I know how you feel.

It seems like everyone these days could do with more money in their lives. And so many people I meet have stopped doing the Lotto for ‘fun’, and see a major lottery win, or a good night at the casino, as the only solution to their financial problems.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

By harnessing the power of Black Magic, you can become a money magnet, and have long term financial stability.

Who can benefit from a Wealth Spell?

Wealth Spells are NOT Lotto spells. Or a ‘good night at the casino’ spells. They are not even money spells. Wealth Spells aren’t for people who want someone else to clear their debts and then hand them a check so they can book an all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean – they are spells for people who want to BE the solution to all the money related problems in their life, so that the problems stay fixed FOREVER.

Simply speaking a Wealth Spell enables you to attract money into your life – but steadily, and over an extended period of time. It works by gradually realigning your energies so that financial opportunities begin to come your way. And as you respond to these opportunities, so the Universe will reward you with other coincidences and lucky windfalls. Eventually your mailbox will contain more checks than bills. Now doesn’t that sound like a spell worth casting?

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What do you need to do to have more money in your life?

More than any other spell, this one requires patience, and discipline.

YOUR patience, and YOUR discipline.

Day in, day out, people contact me, pay me to cast a spell for them, and then sit on their butts waiting for their life to change. But Magick doesn’t work that way. YOU -nearly always – have to put some effort in.

As everybody knows, true wealth is accumulated over time. Some people buy stocks that go up ten or twenty times in value, but they have to BUY the stock in the first place. Property and land values can skyrocket in just a few years – but that’s meaningless if you didn’t own a single square foot of it! If you’re gonna ask someone to cast a Wealth spell for you, you have to be prepared for them to give you a list of things to do. Now they are not going to ask you to buy shares or property, but they will give you a short, maybe five minute, ritual to perform daily. They may ask you to change elements of your expenditure. And almost certainly ask you to keep your eyes open for new opportunities. If that sounds like a whole lotta work that you’d rather not do, well then, a Wealth Spell is not going to work for you.

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And whilst we’re talking of people who should probably look elsewhere…

Is there anybody else who shouldn’t seek a Wealth Spell?


A Wealth Spell ISN’T for anyone in serious financial difficulty. If you owe thousands of dollars to the mob, or the repo men are banging on your door, this spell ain’t gonna dig you out of that hole! Take whatever money you do have, and spend it on some proper legal advice!

Also, Wealth spells aren’t for anyone who’s down to their last five bucks. Mainly because Wealth Spells tend to cost a lot more than five bucks! And you’re gonna need that five bucks! Here’s some free advice, start saving a couple of bucks a week. When you have enough to purchase a Wealth Spell, that’s the time to request one

Also a Wealth Spell usually won’t work if you have a curse or hex on you. (If you think that might be you, you’ll need to find someone to cast a ‘Curse Removal’ Spell first.) This is because a Wealth Spell cannot work under the influence of a long-term dark presence.

However, if you’re fairly sure there’s no curse hanging over you, and there aren’t half a dozen angry men outside trying to kick the door down, and you haven’t had to feel down the back of the couch just to find enough money to pay for a spell to be cast – well then – maybe you’re ready to try a Wealth Spell.


by Raven Wazowski