Christmas Joke About Cyber Terrorism Hackers

Cyber attacks and cyber terrorism have disrupted many US government computer systems. These hackers, many of them “patriotic hackers” from China have also hit many of the United States’ largest corporations. At the North Pole, a US territory, they also hit Santa Claus Corporation. But this time they stole the Christmas “wish lists” of 1.1 billion children.

Santa Claus Corporation has been busy notifying all the children that their private information has been jeopardized by hackers. The Federal Trade Commission is suing the company for allowing identity thieves to steal this data. There may also be violations of HIPPA because occasionally handicapped or physically challenged children tell Santa Claus of their ailments in letters when they send in their Christmas wish lists.

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Because of all the negative publicity this has caused Santa Claus Corporation a huge problem. It may even cut down in the number of orders this year, which are already down by 20% due to the global economic financial meltdown and crisis. If things get much worse, it could very much hurt the corporation’s stock, which is already down 40% from October of 2008.

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Mr. Claus stated; “I’m not sure what the hackers want with all these Christmas wish-lists, but if they’d like to provide the toys for all the children, whose personal information they stole, then be my guest. Just make sure you get all those toys delivered by December 25th. And don’t forget the Hanukkah list either, those are due even sooner, as our Corporation now has the contract for Hanukkah as well.”

Parents, Santa, and federal authorities are fit to be tied over this hacking incident.


by Lance Winslow