Dark Souls Tutorials: PC Controls | Video

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And, finally, the long-awaited coverage of Dark Souls (I apologize for my lazy-assnessness for all the delays) is out! This is but the start, if this receives enough attention and positive feedback from you. As always, I am trying to publish content I genuinely enjoy making, so this is just one of such games. Just recently the Dark Souls from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco finally delivered the game to our Personal Computers. That said, they really did not try very hard with this port as most of the things remained unaltered and generally very raw. Despite this fact and a bunch of other nuisances (thank you, Microsoft!), the game remains a great example of how one might want to make a hardcore RPG game for a console.

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This particular video is a Tutorial/Guide to help you figure out the controls in the PC version of the Dark Souls, without having to buy a controller/gamepad. All I am going to do is TELL you everything you need to know about how to jump, sprint, dodge, run, access menus, additional functions, loot, use, scroll, focus, attack, power attack and make various interesting combinations.

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Hope you enjoy it!

Music in parts of the video by Kevin Macleod. Link above!



  1. Just bought the game, 10 minutes in, closed it, don't know if I want to open it again. Couldn't beat the first boss. No idea how to cast spells.
    Don't understand the menu, can't unequip stuff, can't jump, have to stop walking in order to open menu….. I'm seriously pissed about having paid money for this.
    All I can do now is to spend a ton of time in the starting zone, figuring out shit and rebinding keys until I'm comfortable.
    Got hyped from Asmongolds speedrun reaction video – had more fun staring angrily at my feet for the last 10 minutes than playing the actual game.
    Fuck video games. I wish I had ran in front of a truck when I was a kid.

  2. Hello i'm a little late to the party but can you tell me how do i aim with a bow on pc ? i really struggle to shoot that dragons tail.

  3. How do you RUN? And how do you kill the first big monster when you drop from above??? In a different tutorial the guys stabs him immediatly when falling down doing 50% dmg to him!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is an amazingly helpful video, thank you. I play with mouse and keyboard and it is taking me some time to get the hang of things. I'm glad they at least gave the option to change the key mapping.

  5. How do you climb up the first ledge using a keyboard? I've tried to jump using space, but he only seems to be rolling or jumping backwards.

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