Did You Know? A Brief Glimpse at Global Changes Worldwide

Did you know fish and birds are dying all over the world? Did you know that the bee, plankton and bat populations are in decline? Did you know that coral reefs are dying off? Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, spinning the wrong way? Did you notice the weather in your neck of the woods may have changed? Did you notice the strange contrail like markings in the skies? Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees? Did you know that our oceans are heating up by 2 degrees? Did you know that the ice caps are melting and polar bears are drowning? Did you know that during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California – Nevada border near Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic eruption there this summer.) Did you know that due North is no longer due North and airports are changing their runway markings so planes can land safely? Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history? Did you know that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds? And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children? Did you know that we are in the midst of complete pole reversal? Did you know that planet X/Niburu is fast approaching? Did you know that the economy is in trouble? Did you know the price of corn and oil are going up? Did you know a food crisis may be looming? Did you know solar flares can cause power outages and even radiation poisoning? Did you know?

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Well if you did not know, you do know now. I am not a Scientist, but I am an environmentalist with a fascination and love for the intricacies of the earth’s inner and outer workings, and I can tell you that there sure are a lot of ecological changes happening on our planet. The question is what is causing these changes? Are they natural or manmade? If one wants to play detective they can find reams of explanations on the web simply by Google-ing it! The explanations vary but here are some of the top results. Many God fearing people believe that we are experiencing the end times. That the Book of Revelations is playing out like a daily movie in our lives. Others blame the government stating they are manipulating the weather and purposefully creating “states of emergency” so that the Illuminati can take over the world and reduce our current population by 90%. Other streams of thought are that Aliens are to blame, and that it is they who are using their advanced technologies to wreak havoc on the planet. Many Scientists believe it is merely a natural part of the earth’s cycle and that these changes have occurred before in history and are just repeating these cyclic events. Then there is the Hopi Indians who believe that there is a great “purification” going on while others believe the Mayan prophesies are coming to pass. The New Age movement believes that human consciousness is rising to a new level and after the earth goes through its changes a more pure and loving earth will be born.

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I am not sure who has the right answer to the current world’s problems, but I do know one thing for sure. This is one competition that being right really has no winner. If we are heading for extinction I am thinking does it matter what the cause is? I do believe though that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you knew the biggest storm of the century was going to hit your city what would you do? You probably would rush to the grocery store (you and 1000 other people) to stock up on supplies right? Well based on everything you have read above, do you think a great storm might be looming, whether it be economic, ecological or through warefare? If you were ever a Boy Scout, Brownie or Girl Guide, you should still have that inner nudge that says, “Be Prepared!” Being prepared for any disaster is being responsible. It is not being an alarmist. If nothing bad happens, rejoice in the many supplies you will not have to buy and throw a big celebratory party.


by Suzanne A Edwards