Fastest Weight Loss Diet Routines That Hollywood Celebrities Used – Exposed!

There are so many kinds of diets nowadays all of which claim to be the fastest weight loss diet that every existed. Though the claims may be true, remember that these diet plans have their own philosophy and nutrition regimen behind them. Below is a rundown of the different kinds of weight loss diet that you can try to help you slim down and trim down to your ideal size.


This is probably one of the earliest diet plans that was invented in 1972 but only gained immense popularity in the 2000’s. The Atkins diet emphasized the low carbohydrate intake to be able to lose weight. The basic idea of the diet is: protein is better than carbohydrates, making this a low carb, high protein diet. The body can therefore use energy deposits in the body instead of using the carbohydrates the body ingests daily.

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South Beach

Another food intake regimen that others consider to be the fastest weight loss diet is the South Beach Diet. The diet started as a diet to avoid heart disease but quickly became popular for losing weight. Unlike the Atkins Diet, it doesn’t eliminate carbs in the body. The diet’s principle is replacing bad fats and carbs with good fats and carbs, which make an individual to enjoy different kinds of food but with moderation. The diet comes in three phases. Phase 1 being the most difficult phase, phase 2 being the transitional phase and the last phase for maintenance that a dieter must stick with for life.

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Cabbage Soup

This is one of those quick lose weight diets that you can do for a week and earn results. Considered to be the fastest weight loss diet, the diet requires you to eat unlimited amount of cabbage soup for one whole week. The results are massive however, this is only considered to be one of those short-time diets. The diet is temporary because you may lose up to 15 lbs but the pound you lose is only water weight.


by Katie A. Jones