Meditation: Eckhart Tolle | Video

Eckhart Tolle leads a meditation on “The Power of the Present Moment” at Wisdom 2.0.
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  1. When a colleague introduced me to the work of Tolle I immediately assumed he was a new age charlatan. Half way through reading The Power of Now I changed my mind. If he is a charlatan he's a bloody good one, and a darn sight better than those who preach from the pulpit every Sunday.

  2. I wonder if all he knows is the result of just his awakening or it is also the result of reading a lot and learning by other means. In this video he talks about the Buddha and Christ. So, in order for us to also reach a heightened level of understanding we should also read and learn a lot from other sources, in addition to putting into practice what he says.

  3. We are so fortunate to have the luxury to concern ourselves about presence. Imagine all those poor unconscious souls- endlessly preoccupied with food, shelter, health and safety. Pity them and not those who’re preoccupied with ego, material, and empowerment etc.

  4. Maybe we should all go live on a park bench and wake up. Believe me; doctors, lawyers. architects have done that; the system is the problem. Other civilizations exist and have other systems that work.

  5. It's like we are getting a suck-up because we are waking up and could be dangerous. The Pleiadians got nailed by the Reptillians and became like them for awhile. They want to teach us how to love when we already do; they want to learn love by giving us intelligence; does love need technology? Do we want to live on Mars when here on Earth we see the stars?

  6. It's a whole new civilization of thinking; it takes time to do a make over; it's like blowing your head off and becoming something different; like a robot make-over. We were like robots to begin with. Maybe we are the rebelling robots; flesh and blood robots.

  7. I had the pleasure of watching Oprah debut his book and talk to people around the world discussing it. Did anyone else see that years ago?

  8. Dear Mr. Tolle, you are absolutely RIGHT. One thing amazes me is that why even adults do not realize that these media disturbances such as Texts;face books;etc are keeping us away from being at the moment,Joyous life and amazing and beautiful earth, and universe, forcing us to live in imaginary worlds.
    I enjoy being here; I enjoy being in this beautiful amazing Body, I enjoy and admire this loving and intelligent Body, I enjoy being in this beautiful earth, I enjoy being in this beautiful intelligent universe, I enjoy being at the moment, enjoying every moment of being in the present , in the NOW.

  9. Master Eckhart "Yoda" Tolle. Such a kind and generous human being. He resonates with my being. After listening to him for just a few seconds I feel calmer and more loving.

  10. so many too many things to relearn why not just wander out into the forest and live there for awhile way from urban neurosis and let it all reset naturally?

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