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It’s easy to be scared and anxious right now, while we are bombarded with terrifying daily news updates about the Corona Pandemic. So what can we do? Well first of it’s important to strengthen our immune system, and realise that stress and anxiety can take a toll on it, so we must keep our shit together and not stress our body and mind out non-stop.

So use this Meditation Clip specifically designed to lower Anxiety and please SHARE it with everyone you know who needs it. We must stay calm, so we can think clearly, stay healthy and get through this without breaking down our mental health in the process.

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There’s never been a better time to start a daily meditation practise.

To go deeper and learn more watch our ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ Masterclass, and also consider the Mindspo Meditation Method, which includes our 66 Day Meditation Challenge to help you make this a lasting part of your life.

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Meditation written & read by @Chrissoll xx

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Sending you strength, health and love.
– Everyone at Mindspo

Some relevant quotes to remember:

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”
“Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”
“Not much is needed to make a happy life, it’s all within yourself, within your way of thinking”



  1. It's such a shame that most meditations are all about The Breath. I understand why, but anyone who has upper respiratory problems are automatically at a huge disadvantage. In peacetime as it were – it's bad enough. But in these times – concentrating on the breath is even harder. I'm pretty sure I have the virus, I'm praying it's a milder strain of it. So concentrating on my breath automatically leads me to panic. In general, uploaders of this type of content forget that many of us have ashtma / breathing issues. It's so difficult for us, even before this dreadful Corvid business. 'Mindspo' would be doing people like me a great service if they could come up with something different.

  2. I have a neiboor who is 9yrs and she has a thing where she tries to take away my familys attention from me to her and she tends to make me get anxity this really helped me
    Thank you. . . I am only 13yrs old

  3. i haven’t be able to finished it , I stoped on minutes 08.10 my mind all over the place and quite hard for me to ignore it. But I’ll try again, thank you for your video . 💙

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