Project 1: End To End Python ML Project (Complete)| Machine Learning Tutorials Using Python In Hindi {VIDEO}

This machine learning project using python in Hindi is created to give you a complete understanding on how machine learning problems are tackled in real world scenarios. Download the Jupyter notebook, data and code from links below.
We will understand the problem of a real estate company from its CEO and then apply ML to solve it. I have tried to make this video interactive and interesting by adding cartoon characters/animations. In this project I will be walking you through analyzing the problem from collecting data, importing it to a Jupyter notebook, looking for promising attributes, finding out correlations, plotting graphs, creating a pipeline, dealing with missing values and much more. At the end we present the problem to the real estates company who will use the model for predicting house prices given a set of features. I will teach you how concepts like cross validation, train-test splitting, stratified shuffle split, cross validation and sampling work in action. Indeed a very long video but packed with my years of learning!
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  1. Thank you very much, sir, for this very useful project on ML for learning purpose. whatever videos I have seen until now is mainly based on ML theory but honestly speaking from your video I have just learned how can I use the ML in practical purpose. Thank you very much once again. And I heartily requesting you for more videos on this type of simple and interesting ML project.

  2. How to deal with missing values in ‘Test’ data-set to predict the output after ready with model from ‘Train’ data-set ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Hi Harry, Do you have any video on data modeling?Do you have any end to end project for data science? How to build and deploy in a server, code merging, etc

  4. i have a question. Sir during prediction you input numpy array for all 14 values. but real one how can i throw values real values(such as categorical values or tax lets say 500rs) into the model? should i convert all 14 values into numpy and how?? please reply sir im confused?? i love your video its awesome thank you so much

  5. Thanks a lot harry bhai ur teaching skills makes me motivate to explore more on machine learning!. I dedicate my first month salary to you only if i get a dream job in machine learning.

  6. Hi, Harry
    I really enjoyed this video, it would be more helpful if you make ML project which contains at least 2-3 categorical data
    Please also build NLP project. Your teaching style is so easy and interesting.
    Thanks a lot.

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