Public Health Is Not A Crap Game!: 6 Flaws

As someone, who has worked on a number of political campaigns, for over four decades, I understand the techniques, marketing, and campaigning strategies, apparently, built – into, our political system! Although, some politicians stretch – the – truth, or spin the facts, in an attempt for political advantage, and their personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest, most step – up, in times of crisis, and put their constituents, and the nation’s best interests, ahead of their own perceived ones! In recent memory, we have not experienced a health crisis, as significant as the pandemic, we are currently, undergoing. Most experts (scientists, physicians, public health specialists, etc), agree, it is necessary to reduce the overall risks, by minimizing face – to – face contact, using, what is being referred to, as, social distancing. While, the ramifications of this, both immediate, and for some time to come, in terms of economics, the stock market, and employment/ unemployment, are significant, isn’t health, and well – being, of the public, more important. When President Trump, recently, proclaimed, his impatience, and desire, to open – up our economy, in what most, believe, is an artificial period, it is similar to the casino’s crap game (some might win, but most will not!). When a Lieutenant Governor of a large state, states, many senior citizens would be willing to sacrifice their lives, to benefit younger people, not only, is that alien, to so many of our core principles, but, also, an ill – conceived, public health policy! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 flaws, in this apparent, politically and financially motivated, policy.

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1. Survival of the fittest: What does it say about our society, if we resort to, Survival of the Fittest, as a public health policy? While, it is true, in ongoing wars, triage doctors, sometimes, must make these types of decisions, because they are short – handed, etc, it seems contrary, to the core principles, of our nation!

2. Equating public health, with economics: President Trump has often, articulated proposals and policies, in other areas, such as pacts and treaties/ agreements, immigration, etc, focused on money! However, shouldn’t receiving quality health care, or, at the very least, a national policy, emphasizing, minimizing health risks, be a priority, over mere economic considerations!

3. Equating flu, with Coronavirus: Mr. Trump has often compared flu, with this endemic, and Coronavirus! Public health experts, clearly indicate, for a number of reasons, it is far more dangerous, and far – reaching! Wouldn’t you expect a public leader, to observe the number of fatalities, in China, Italy, Spain, etc, and, beginning to occur, here, to realize, this isn’t his casino, where he is trying to market and sell, and beat the odds?

4. Appearing to ignore/ contradict, his own experts: Many of us, have come to expect, this President to misstate, lie, and articulate personally/ politically motivated messages, etc. However, when his own experts, and most public health professionals, warn us, of the dangers, and the need, for prevention, social distancing, and other, more extreme measures, to, flatten – the – curve, and he declares, an overly, rosy, picture, he becomes, a clear and present danger!

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5. Still lying, blaming, and complaining: Many members of the public, have come to realize, Trump’s daily discussions, on this pandemic, are, somewhat incomplete, unsatisfying, and not informative! They have come to listen to some of the Governors, such as Andrew Cuomo, for more thorough understanding. This President seems to be continuing his pattern of lying (according to political fact – checkers), blaming others, trying to take credit, and complaining, and, turning away from, and making accusations against those, who articulate a different message, our citizens, and the world, are, at – risk!

6. Playing politics, and feeding – his – ego: There comes a time, when we tire of someone, constantly, seeking compliments, especially, when it seems, he doesn’t deserve it! President Trump seems, either, unwilling, or unable to tell the facts, and truth, without focusing on the political consequences!

Wake up, America, and let this individual, know, you demand more, better, and that, the public’s health and well – being, is far more important, in the long – run, than stock market reversals, in the shorter – term! Unless/ until, this becomes policy, and it is based on expert information, and science, Mr. Trump is playing, craps, with our lives (and, we all know, how his casinos, fared)!


Source by Richard Brody