Reading Tarot Cards Intuitively

Over the years there has been a growing interest and curiosity in alternate lifestyles, religions and spirituality. More and more people are seeking spiritual support & counseling to resolve issues within their lives or to look for guidance and direction. Taking comfort from the belief that we are not alone on our journey through life and that if we have a little hope and faith we will find the strength and courage within ourselves to navigate our way through life’s obstacles.

I am one of those people who after a number of life’s little obstacles finally decided that I needed to find someone who could give me some guidance as to what I was doing with my life and which direction I was going in. My career had hit an all time low and despite all my efforts I felt that I had achieved nothing. I approached a Clairvoyant Medium for a Tarot Card Reading and it was this that changed my life forever. It was through this card reading that I discovered I had an ability to develop my sixth sense and I knew at that moment that I had found my purpose in life. I placed my first foot on the path of spiritual enlightenment and since that day I have never looked back.

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Now this is not to say that every person who has ever had a tarot card reading will be told that they have the ability to develop their sixth sense. Tarot cards are used to divine the future and uncover certain truths about ourselves which is what I found in my Tarot Card Reading. I had discovered that my career and all its ups and downs had led me to that moment where I found my purpose in life. It so happened that my purpose in life was to work with my spirit guides and provide spiritual support and direction for others.

The popularity of Tarot cards has grown over recent years, moving away from the dark and sinister reputation that they are connected with the occult. They are considered to be one of the most important tools for self discovery and accessing our intuition and those that read tarot cards find that they enable us to connect with the divine, our guides in spirit who provide support and guidance to others during the reading.

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Tarot cards usually come in a 78 card deck and contain 22 cards from the Major Arcana (particularly qualities and traits within ourselves) and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana (events, people, ideas, activities, behaviour). Each card has an image and name to it and each symbol has a different meaning. Understanding these meanings can help to guide the reader as to the nature, direction and overall theme of the reading. There are many different tarot card decks and when choosing a tarot card deck it is best to choose this yourself and select the one which you feel the most drawn to. I was drawn and instructed to use PSY cards which are slightly different from the original tarot card decks. However these are the cards I was instructed to use and feel the most comfortable with and therefore I have not felt the need to use any other Tarot Card Decks. Tarot cards still remain a popular choice by many cards readers today, and will do for many years to come.


by Kirsty McKay