Safe Sports: Fencing Among the Safest

Among the safest sports of all is fencing. Many parents don’t want their children to play sports because they fear that the children may get injured somehow, but fencing does not put children at risk.

Impact of Non-safe Sports

One of the reasons that parents get children involved in sports is because they can lead to scholarships for schools that might not otherwise be financially accessible. When children enter sports for this reason, it may mean putting other areas of their lives on hold, even if they aren’t really interested in the sport they joined. The parents limit childrens’ activities in order to put them in a position of avoiding normal injuries that come with childhood. While being a member of a team affords the children the opportunity to socialize and make connections, the impact on their lives outside of the sport may be such that their social opportunities are limited.

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Future Issues in Other Sports

Those who wonder how it is possible for professionals to keep playing even after experiencing a serious injury may be in for a shock. No matter how resilient the player is, that isn’t normally the reason that they can keep playing. Instead, medications keep the pain at bay in order to keep the player on the field. That doesn’t sound too bad until you consider the long term effects.

There is always the possibility of addiction, but that may not even be the worst part. The body sends pain signals as a warning to the brain. The warning is that if the current action is not stopped, the individual may be at risk for a more serious and long term injury. Pain killers prevent the brain from getting these signals, so the player continues on, serving the game well, but forgetting about the risks to their own bodies.

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Fencing May Be the Safest Sport

Among the safest sports is fencing. Fencing requires that the participants are essentially protected from head to toe as the goal is not to injure the opponent but to make contact correctly. This makes it one of the safest sports, but it also teaches children a level of control over their own bodies that they may not have realized before.

Fencing may not be among the most wildly popular sports, but it does carry with it comes elements that other sports simply cannot. It is among the safest sports, but it also teaches integrity and true teamwork.


Source by Kathy Foust