Selling a Screenplay to Hollywood – How to Set the Scene

When selling a screenplay to Hollywood, setting the scene makes all the difference.

Imagine if you will.

Interior of a home, the camera pans down a long hallway and into a room located at the back of the house. The blinds on the two windows above a couch are pulled up and sunshine fills the room. The camera zooms in on a man sitting at a desk in the center of the room staring at his laptop.

This man is an aspiring screenwriter eagerly preparing for the sale of his first screenplay.

The task before him is the creation of a query letter. This query letter will introduce him and his film script to literary agents, producers and hopefully studio executives. But how should he describe his film script without giving the whole story away.

Setting the scene through visualization is the key.

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Choosing his words carefully he writes his introductory paragraph. Capitalizing the title of his screenplay each time he mentions it and bolding the lettering, a tip he picked up from a screenwriter marketing service. He prepares to describe his film script.

A hook is needed to grab the attention of his reader.

Another tip he was informed of while seeking advice from the screenwriter marketing service. A hook at the beginning of a query letter is a must. The hook makes a strong marketing tool for any screenplay. This was the advice he was given.

Knowing he needs to describe his film script through a visual image he chooses his words wisely.

Not wanting to give away the twist at the end. Draw your reader in, exciting him or her to want to read the entire screenplay. That was the catch phrase he got from the writer marketing service.

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With his screenplay finished and his final draft reviewed this novice screenwriter is feeling a lot more confident. But selling a screenplay to Hollywood takes patience and a lot of determination. But he is feeling up to the task and quite eager to begin.

Setting the scene he continues to write the last few remaining paragraphs.

The words he has carefully chosen to place in his query letter paint a vivid and clear vision of what his screenplay is all about.

The script writer is feeling even more confident in what he has accomplished thus far. And ready to begin submitting his query letters to the various literary agents he has researched. He is eager to start the task of selling a screenplay to Hollywood.

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by Melody Jackson