Stop Cheating With Magick

As strange as it may sound, there are indeed spells that can make your lover faithful to you. And when you are truly committed to someone you deserve that faithfulness and fidelity. All healthy relationships are built upon trust and commitment. If your partner isn’t giving you the commitment and faith that you deserve, but you aren’t ready to give up just yet, there are real love spells that can work to bring them closer and keep them faithful to you.

Just because your partner has cheated on you, or is currently cheating on you, doesn’t mean that they do not love you. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that they are truly interested in other people. Many people cheat for emotional validation. Regardless of how close you and your partner are, they may feel bad about themselves. Cheating may help them to feel desired by many people. Alternately, they may have repressed sexual urges that need healing. A final problem – one that is more common than many realize – is that lovers go astray because the new man/woman has actually had a spell placed on them!

Spells to stop cheating and infidelity can address each and every one of these aspects, depending on the spell and the skill of the man or woman casting it on your behalf. These spells can work on multiple levels, including healing the deficiencies in your partner that predispose them to infidelity and rekindling the passion in your relationship to pull them back to you. They can shatter other spells that may have been placed on them that are drawing them to be unfaithful. And they can restore your relationship to the healthy, loving and fulfilling condition that you both truly desire.

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There is always a concern regarding free will when love spells of this nature are cast. Nobody wants to use a spell that is going to radically alter the free will of their lover. Naturally, most people do take this into account and cast safe spells. This is especially true of spell casting professionals, who understand the concerns of clients as well as how to cast effective spells. When choosing someone to cast a spell of this nature for you then you should always ask them how the spell will work and if free will will be a large factor, if this is a concern for you.

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For a spell of this nature to work without altering free will is not a difficult task, despite what many spell purists would have you believe. The mechanism behind this is simple. In our daily lives we assume that we have a great degree of free will, but even with the free will that we possess nothing occurs in a vacuum. All of our choices and decisions are influenced by external factors. These include our immediate circumstances, the beliefs imparted to us by our environment and family, as well as the unseen spiritual conditions influencing us. They are always influencing us, seen or not, free will or not. What a spell of this nature does is simply optimize and balance those conditions so that they guide the individual toward the desired outcome. Although subtle in explanation, the results are always extremely powerful.

This leaves little ethical implications for a spell of this nature. Karma becomes a non-issue as there is no direct bending of will or stripping of free will. Spells to stop infidelity and cheating are safe and non-harmful. In fact, for many individuals they actually result in beneficial, positive Karmic status!


by Jean Silver